‘i wanna get lost with you’ – Volume 37

Poet Jordan Volume 37:

Book Link: http://goo.gl/H1qCTO


V37 Cover

‘Rumbling, Tumbling Hills’

Tumbling Hills
For miles
Walking over stiles
No wall
Stands too tall
While walking
And talking
Over rumbling
Tumbling hills

Through trees
I fall on my knees
But not stopping me
Getting to thee

Over fields
Through valleys
Past waterfalls
Each step
A view
Of beauty

Lakes like mirrors
The hills
Silent and still
A moment
To reflect

Up hills
Or mighty mountains
My memories
Created here
Are my muse
Forever a muse.


‘i wanna get lost with you’

i wanna get lost with you
across the fields and over the hills
run freely to be who we are
love each other like we have always have

getting lost with you
would be like finding a whole new world
where we could explore our minds
and everything that we have together

i wanna get lost with you
as i simply adore you
finding you attractive in every way

getting lost with you
i’d show you how much i love you
and why you are so close to my heart

i wanna get lost with you
through valleys and lanes
where no phone signal could reach us
with only our voices to speak
and the views of rolling hills to admire

getting lost with you
could not last long enough
and it is you and your heart
that makes me feel alive

i wanna get lost with you
starting on the path through the hills
over streams to the where our cottage resides
where no one could find us

getting lost with you
we become closer than ever
with the real world a million miles away
and all we have is our souls to survive

i wanna get lost with you
because you are beautiful
and in the chaotic world we live
getting lost with you
is all i ever want to do with you.


‘Interlude 1’

Take me to the sky
where I can fall
forever more
into your arms or just hit the floor


‘Given the day’

Given the day
I would walk
Over Churchdown Hill
through to Crickley HIll
clambering over the Peak
rambling to Coopers Hill
rolling down to Upton
to get up to Robinswood
before the light of day
fades away

Given the day
I would enjoy every mile
of every style
just because the green fields
are endless
from here to anywhere

Given the day
I’d walk every hill
as long as there is light
to see every view
from every angle
that each unique hill gives

Given the day
before the light fades away
over Robinswoods
through Upton
I’d ramble and scramble
up and over Coopers Hill
Where I’d see the Peak
Before walking over fields
past reservoirs
and animal filled fields
onto Crickley hill
before trudging to Churchdown
and heading home from the Hill

All this
if I was given the day.


‘Interlude 2’

You’re beautiful
n every way
or if I say
let’s run today
so tomorrow
we wake up
in each other’s arms

what would you say?

‘Colour between seasons’

The green grew all summer long
from the rain and the sunshine
became a view of lush green trees

As the season starts to change
the trees leaves start to regress
from green they fade into yellow

It’s that time of year again
when trees and views
change colour and depth

We see another summer go by
and winter will arrive in any given day
however the colour between seasons
gives us a little more time
for us to see what the summer grew
albeit in a different colour, light and view

As I watch the change in view
day by day and week by week
between seasons of summer and winter
the summer grew the beauty we see now
the winter will hide what we have seen
providing a different scene of the trees

Until the sunlight provides warmth again
and green returns to the trees bare arms
from buds yet to grow through winter they will
the colour between seasons is something to watch and admire.


‘Interlude 3’

All over the water
Lay the memories of you
Spread across the surface
As the tide gently takes them away

‘Love as high as the clouds’

When I’m close to you
I don’t feel like I’m falling

My heart remains calm
And together we hold hands

We could be as high as the clouds
Higher than the mountains beside us
But vertigo will stop me being next to you

Even if the world decided to fall away
We would be holding hands
Staying stronger and higher
Than we ever imagined we would

Each time we step side by side
Our love grows and becomes something
Something so strong the higher it goes

So it feels sometimes that it is out of this world
Yet somehow our feet are firmly on the ground

All from when I’m close to you
I don’t feel like I’m falling
Yet falling more and more in love with you.

‘Interlude 4’

(Present x future) – (The Past x Zero) = Forwards

‘Coffee in the window’

We sat and we drank coffee in the window
Nervous laughter pursued but smiles were aplenty
We spoke of our day and all that worried us

By the window we sat
Seeing the world go by as we sipped our drink
While you looked out
I looked at you
With fondness and butterflies in my stomach
There was something about you
Something so wonderful my mind thought and thought

A table for two was all we needed
Watching the world go by
With us side by side we shared our thoughts

As time flew by it did not matter
I worried more about drinking coffee

        – I didn’t even like coffee

Even if it was a mocha
But I drank it anyway
As I didn’t want to sour the moment

The table by the window remains there to this day
And one day we will sit there once again
To talk about where our lives have lead us
And to get to know about you once again
But the next time a hot chocolate will do
Because the mocha never grew on me
Yet you always grew on me.

‘Interlude 5’

Poet Jordan Volume 37 Int 5

‘Hold back the heart’

I have to hold back the heart
as if I let it go
it would tell you everything
that I feel for you

My heart presses against the chest
and in turn presses against my hands
I must not let it loose
as what it holds the world would see

It’s depth has been revealed before
but to no avail
so quickly pressed back into the chest

Holding back the heart causes it to hurt
as what it beats for is you
and you are what makes it beat

The more it presses
the more tired the hands become
and so I feel I should let it go
and what comes from its freedom
will be what it will be.

‘you became’

you became
my heart
and in turn
part of me

you became
my dream
where i stood
beside youyou became
the same
feelings and thoughts
as if
you were
with meyou became
more and more
than i could ever know
within in my heart

you became
my other half
bridging the gap
that you
have always been able
to build a bridge to connect us

you became
part of me
to help me
become me
and then
became us.

‘Interlude 6’

Poet Jordan Volume 37 Int 6


The green back door
grandma stood

with pouting lips
a welcoming kiss
back in once again in Goole

Vividly remembering the view from the dinner table
I could see the playing field
through the net curtains

As the grown ups talked and talked
all I wanted to do
is play in the school playing field
to play in the park
to play football with grandad, dad and brothers

Grandma’s cooking was Yorkshire at it’s best
the smell of Yorkshire pudding and cabbage
a smell to treasure forever more
but the cabbage I could never taste (even to this day)
yet it was just the best food in Yorkshire

An open fire place filled with embers and soot
no need for a TV as this entertained all evening
I was simply fascinated by fire as it roared

Out to the garden to get more coal and logs for the fire
grandad chopping logs and shovelling coal
it was quite the excitement to see

The garden was natural and long
the birdbath stood at the end of the path
and I wonder now where it ended up
a beautiful garden it always was

As everyone became older
I still remained the young one

When age grew for grandad
his eyes became tired
and the mind always remembering the war
he was in a place once more
where he fought for us all

Fond distant memories
of so much more.

‘By the blue door’

By the blue door
we stood
and said goodbye
with tears
in our eyes

We stood
by the blue door
where we parted ways
Neither knowing
when or if
we’d see each other again

By the blue door
I remembered the day
I’d met you
on the beach
as each memory
flew through my mind
before we went our ways

I remember you more
but the blue door
where we stood that day
is the prominent moment
from when I saw you last

As I turn away
from you
and the blue door
I wished I looked back
just once more

By the blue door
we stood
and said goodbye
yet I still don’t know
when I will see you
once again.

‘Interlude 7’


sober mind going in
lost mind leaving

somewhere in between
i thought

and believed
in my dreams

‘By the Sea’

By the sea
A refugee
Lay bare

A life
Needlessly taken

By the sea
A life ended
And a body picked up
With a heavy heartBy the sea
We see the cost
Of what people do
To flee what was
Once their homeAs we look
At our posh tv screens
In our warmth filled homes
We stop to think
About the human misery
Yet we never think
That this would happen to us
So how do we let this
Happen to them.

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