Why I write poetry, a lifetime of thought 

There’s something inside that just wants to get out. Words from my youth, words of the world that is now. They need to escape to show what it is inside that I think about.  

When I get an idea for a poem and developed into something  meaningful, the excitement I feel is unmeasurable. Having a good poem written is a day well spent. 

Anything  can inspire me, from landscapes to people to moments that just are simply thought about. I like landscapes to inspire me because it gives me a chance to walk in nature. Relating what nature is to me and feelings of love and thoughts of, help me to write the better poetry that I can. 

Landscapes inspire me to write, because a picture can tell a thousand words.

A picture can tell a thousand words.  The few words that I write about tries to capture everything that I feel and convey something that is meaningful as much as the views that are inspirational and in my eyes beautiful into words. Something when I get right is brilliant, but sometimes my words are lost. 

I found poetry when I was 15. Wrote a lot, stopped, then found my train of thought again and then wrote even more. A lifetime of thoughts to write about and never knowing if I will capture everything that I want to, need to. 

All I can do is keep writing, showing what I think in a way that not everyone will necessarily understand, read or believe. But here I am, over half my life with poetry close to my heart and I feel like I’m only just beginning. 

Poet Jordan 

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