Heavy thoughts. Do they actually weigh anything?

We all have days that we don’t feel great, and other days where we feel exhilarated. From these feelings we have many thoughts, relative to what makes us think within and outside of the box.  It prompted me to think about thoughts and if they actually weigh anything – literally. We all have thoughts that are heavy on the mind, is that because bad thoughts are heavier than that of good thoughts? I’m not aware of a saying about good thoughts light thoughts – or is that one I have just made up? Heavy thoughts do play on the mind a lot more and certainly stick!

I have of course Googled, how much does a thought weigh? And bombarded with many theories and scientific answers to which it still isn’t clear in my mind.  There are many theories out there and this will just add to them, however I am trying to see it from a personal human view.

The only comparison I can think of between human memory and thoughts is that of computer memory. We create documents and photographs of different sizes (physically?). So does computer memory weigh the same? Saving files in different sizes, kb, Meg, gig, etc, do they all weigh the same? Even if the size and content are entirely different sizes?  And does the computer memory weigh the same as human memory? So many questions I don’t think I will ever get an answer to, or even understand if someone did explain.

Of course the human thought and memory is one that never forgets, it is real and reflects on what it knows, unlike a computer memory which is static. I am sure there is someone out there who would argue that it isn’t static and more powerful than the mind itself.  We share our thoughts and memories, but doesn’t make it any less lighter on the mind, because we still remember what is thought.

Those heavy thoughts, do they weigh anything?

To me thoughts and memories do weigh something because they actually mean something.  Why would we feel like we do if they didn’t weigh anything? When we create thoughts, what makes them must come from somewhere, and not just electrical impulses or chemicals. I think this topic could be tackled and talked about from many angels.  At times I find myself getting lost in what I am actually trying to get across as I have thought about it far too much.

Basically I think unsettled thoughts weigh (physically) more than that of happier thoughts, even if this may not be true, the mind will always be heavy with thought, and feel more free when happier because there is less to the thoughts.  The mind in life has a lot to deal with, and we find our own ways to deal with what we have to. When the mind becomes heavy with thought, it is easier to hide away, and let the thoughts weigh us down, and this is the time that we should be moving these thoughts out the heavy mind and into the open, so whoever hears them can help in any way that they can.

So to round off a slightly odd poetry blog, do thoughts weigh anything? Physically like stone or metal, maybe not. But in terms of meaning and potential consequences that these thoughts may have, to me, they weigh more than anything because it is usually this weight that puts pressure on our lives and affects us in many ways.

Physically weigh more? Only the clever could explain exactly if this is true.  Yet my thoughts, do weigh something and I know what they mean.

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