Majorca, a place to rest and be inspired

You’d think that a week away that I’d have a lot of time to write, however there’s too much relaxing and fun things to do and even a poetic mind needs a east from time to time. Yet saying that visiting Majorca has filled me with beautiful scenery to inspire me and a few ideas have been written. I’m sure more ideas will come about once back in the sunny climate of England and reflecting on what has been so far a wonderful week of exploring and family fun.

Majorca bay with beautiful colours

One thing that has been nice to see is the local artwork down by the sea. A combination of rock and iron forged together to make doors, windows, beds and even boats. These pieces of artwork have been thought about throughly and each piece placed perfectly. With the sea and the sunshine they are great to see and I can’t take enough photographs to capture everything about them. I’m not always big on artwork but the pieces here are wonderful. 

Window to the sea
The door ajar to the sea

These and other photographs I’m sure will appear in many new poetry collections. For now it’s back to the sunshine.

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