A new collection of poems: ‘Af·firm·a·tion’

So a new selection of poems is ready and waiting to be launched. 15 poems of varying topics but still based on love and nature.

I decided upon the title ‘Af·firm·a·tion’ as it’s a word that baffled me in my teens with it’s meaning, ever since Savage Garden called there second album ‘affirmation’. Bizarre? yes and that’s just like me.

Poet Jordan Volume 40 Affirmation Front Cover_1000px
Volume 40: Af.firm.a.tion

So with the poetry I write I just want to affirm or make a statement that my poetry work is what I like to do. It is me and my thoughts that go into every poem I write. I hold my head high with every poetry collection that I write.

My favourite poem of this collection is without doubt ‘My child’s memories’. This poem I thoroughly enjoyed writing and thinking about.

‘From the bridge’ is a poem about Bangor, North Wales where I went to university, something I haven’t written enough about.

After visiting the Convent in Stroud I wrote ‘The piano in the garden’ after being inspired by the magical place. 


Please have a read of my latest collection at: https://poetjordan.co.uk/volume-40


Read the online ebook below:


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