‘Silent footsteps’ – Poem of the Week

Just in case you missed poem of the week here it is again for you to read.

Poem of the Week:

‘Silent footsteps’

Silent footsteps
Trodden upon the hill
Remain timeless
Silent and still

If the hills could speak
They’d call out
To say s/he was here
Walking the same footsteps
Just the other day
And they lay beneath the steps
That you have just walked

Looking out from where you stood now
They too stood right here
Seeing the same view
(Albeit in a different light)
But the same fields for miles
The same path walked for both minds

Two hearts crossed paths
But on different days and different times
The two hearts did beat in the same place
Just not at the same time
Or together side by side

With the wind wailing
I can’t hear the hills speak out
About the silent footsteps
Therefore onwards I walk
And with no trace of any footsteps
I never knew that you were here

How close two hearts can be
Yet are so very far away
With only with the same view
To savour and dream
In front of the eyes

Of the two separate hearts
That walk the same path
Upon the same hill
Both walked the path
Leaving silent footsteps
For the hill to remember
In silence and stillness.

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