‘Back to the Hills’ by Poet Jordan (Volume 31)

Back to the hills Poet Jordan Volume 31Just added to the new website: ‘Back to the Hills’ (Voume 31)

My love for walking in the hills and my greatest muse of all is captured in these 16 poems entitled ‘Back to the Hills’. This includes one of my favourite poems ‘Bramble Scramble’.

Walking, either up hills or not gives me confidence to find new and great ideas to write about. Even from a short walk it can give me plenty of ideas to write about.

I am grateful for living and have been being brought up in Gloucestershire as it truly is my home.  Saying that there are plenty of places I have yet to explore, meaning there are more ideas waiting for me to find and write about.

Back to the hills:

  1. Bramble Scramble
  2. Give me a picture
  3. Local Hills
  4. Coopers Hill
  5. Over Hills
  6. Churchdown Hill
  7. The countryside church
  8. Robinswood Hill
  9. Hill after Mile
  10. Whilst I was looking across the land
  11. Into the winter wind
  12. A fresh layer on old ground
  13. Up and across
  14. A stones throw away
  15. A walk to find confidence
  16. The hill so close

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