Poem of the Week: ‘His heart was not alone’

Poem of the week is: ‘His heart was not alone’. Another poem inspired by walking and hills to find that people never walk alone and people are always there for you.


Here’s the text version for easier reading:

‘His heart was not alone’

The poet walks
To gather his thoughts
Path after path
Tree by tree
The natural world
Helps his thoughts

Stepping over branches
He glances to the next
Planning the route
That his feet will take him to
One step at a time

With water dripping
From the tree leaves
He did believe
His heart was not alone
As he walked
Under tree tops of rustles and rain

As the poet walks
He does not talk
As the thoughts run wild
In mind and soul
Sorting themselves out
Literally one step at a time

He as a poet is never alone
As the wind whistles
Rustling the trees all around
Knowing footsteps here
Have been walked
By hearts of love at some time
And within the wind
Your walking words are heard

Reaching the view
I think ‘phew’
Letting out a sigh of relief
As my belief is true
That you are here
Walking with me.

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