Viewpoints of Gloucestershire

One reason why I like Gloucestershire so much is the vast amount of countryside and viewpoints across the county. For me I visit a select few more often than others and always looking for new areas to explore in my quest to find new views and inspirations for my writing.

From all of the photographs I take they are used on poetry backgrounds, poetry front covers or just photographs I add to my Instagram account to show off the beauty of Gloucestershire.

Here I have put together a select few of my favourite view points of Gloucestershire and a snippet of what they mean to me.

The Peak – Birdlip (51.834616, -2.114268)


The Peak is a place I found by looking at the OS maps. Following the Cotswold way from Birdlip I wondered what the outcrop of land would have to offer so I walked the path one day and I wasn’t disappointed. Views of Robinswood, Churchdown and Coopers Hill all in view and moments here are always calm and quiet.

Robinswood Hill (51.833920, -2.232570)


Recently I have varied the walk up to the top of this hill as I always seem to take the wrong turning to get to the top. You’d think you just have to go up but that for some reason doesn’t always work for me. Walking around the hill on the south side and making my way up a couple of benches are reached. A perfect place to sit and view Gloucestershire to the south and on a clear day see the river Severn.

Crickley Hill (51.845213, -2.104859)

Crickley Hill-01

The stripy cows on the way into the car park are unique and funny to see.  The hum of the roads can just be heard below but the vast paths and views offer a pleasant walk. The stone wall gives some contrast in photographs and Gloucestershire can be viewed nicely on a sunny day.

20140324_134619-02Churchdown Hill (51.870264, -2.172063)

A hill I like to see as a resting place. Maybe slightly morbid but the views here are wonderful. Either walking around St Bartholomew’s Church or to the other side where the trig point is, there are views to enjoy. Some of the graves upon  this hill have been here for many years and you must have been on the wealthier side to have a prestigious place to be laid to rest up here.

20160531_133542-01Painswick Beacon (51.807364, -2.192574)


Yet another hill walked since scouting and visited annually with scouts for a night walk. However I prefer to walk this area during the day and on a sunny day especially. Watching out for golfers and golf balls it is a windy walk more so than not. The long path across the pinnacle sets you up to view at the end. As the wind blows it for me shows how exposed you could be in nature.

Coopers Hill (51.831290, -2.157826)

Coopers Hill-01

Written about a lot it’s a place I’ve been walking since I was at scouts and regularly walk here as it is a muse for my poetry. When I was younger I would get the bus to the bottom of the hill before setting off up the path next to the garage. I have walked here in all weathers as I feel comfortable enough to find my way to the top and back again in any weather. The more exciting times have been in the snow and the landscape changes dramatically.

Symonds Yat (51.841039, -2.634911)


Not much of a walk if parked at the car park however the views here are spectacular. Views of the River Wye and the wild birds provide great interest. High above the ground below gives a perfect opportunity for photographs of the river and forests. Here I always feel on top of the world.

Haresfield Beacon (51.778256, -2.261819)


My lunchtime walk. A short drive and I am out of the office, busy roads and onto country roads and once parked up I’m in the countryside. A million miles away from work and into a walk to the trig point clears the mind of everyday worries and problems. Photogenic and a very lovely walk.

Cleeve Hill (51.929078, -2.019642)

I usually walk up here for a scouting event but that ended last year so walking up and around here isn’t as common as I would like. The focal point for me is the slanting tree upon the top which I have photographed man times but never as good as some of the photographs I have seen on Instagram.

The Malvern Hills (52.105011, -2.339093)


Only recently started walking here in the past couple of years despite living in Gloucestershire all my life. I have walked here on a windy day and a sunny day. The views excellent on both days. My daughter made it to the top of this hill walking with us and that moment will always be in my memory. 360 degrees of wonderful views and such a pleasant walk to get to the top, stopping along the way to take in the scenery.

May Hill (51.889088, -2.443615)

May Hill-1-01

A hill seen from many miles around and instantly identifiable from it’s select few trees that stand proud at the top of the hill. I feel that this hill is always looking out for other hills and it can be seen by so man others. The only photographs that I have is when I walked here in the fog. An eerie walk but on a clear day the views are vast. Maybe a visit is required soon to get some clear photographs.

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