Volume 26 by Poet Jordan

Volume 26 has just been added to the website.

Have a read and let me know what you think!

Poet Jordan Volume 26


1. ‘We make the world turn’
2. ‘Be me’
3. ‘I remember when…’
4. From the edge of this view’
5. ‘Take my hand and place it on your heart’
6. ‘I walked into the room’
7. ‘As the door was shut, locked & bolted’
8. ‘Goodnight Kiss’
9. ‘As I lay next to you’
10. ‘From my heart to the paper’
11. ‘You fucking snob’
12. ‘In Decline’
13. ‘From the shore my heart set sail’
14. ‘((( resonates )))’
15. ‘A novel with no ending’
16. ‘Deconstruct my heart’
17. ‘You won’t find the door to the world upon the ceiling’
18. ‘I know I can’
19. ‘Through the Years’

1. ‘We make the world turn’

Living on the Earth,

We make the world turn,
We make the world turn,

How we live to be here,
Walking talking on the Earth’s surface,
Seeing the sun rise and fall,

We make the world turn,
We make the world turn,

The world brings the memories,
That we remember forever,
As we walk the surface,
From once place to another,
We walk here,
Live to be here,

We make the world turn,
We make the world turn,

The rain may come down,
The umbrella goes up,
The Earth may change,
As the water sinks in,

Yet we make the world turn,
We make the world turn,

Let us live here on the surface,
With a deep knowledge below the surface,
Let us see the sun rise and fall together,
Working as one and living as us,

We make the world turn,
We make the world turn.

2. ‘Be me’

Be me,
Just for a day,

Be me,
And you will see,
How much I think,
Of you,

Be me,
Feel what I feel,
See what I see,

Be me,
And make me free,
For a moment,

Be me,
And you’ll soon see,
My mind is full,

Be me,
As I’ll never be me,
To see the world outside,
Of the mind and thoughts I have,

Be me,

Because I know no one,
That bares resemblance to me,

I will be me,

Be me,

Because you are not me,
Never will you be,

Because to be me,
You will have to be with me,
Seeing what I see,
With my eyes and my heart,

Be me,
As my mind is full,
Of thoughts and no answers.

3. ‘I remember when…’

A phrase used so often,
By people who remember,
To describe a world that is no more,
Or describe something so different,
From the eyes that look now,

‘I remember when the grass was green’,
Well they are brown now,
Built upon,
Time to move on,

What difference does it make now,
Remembering them things as they were,
As this is not what they’re like now,

I remember when,
Is a thought captured in time,
That you may only remember,
Ponder upon from time to time,

Remembering when,
Is a building block of life,
No matter how life turns out,
It is a block placed as a foundation of your life,
So if someone wants to remember when,
They’re just sharing a building block of life,

I remember when the world turned in favour and against me,
Yet no one needs to know those moments anymore,
Or how I felt on a day that means nothing to anyone else but I,
But those blocks of life stay with you for a long time,

As long I remember when,
What difference does it make to anyone else,
I remember when,
Because I can never forget.

4. ‘From the edge of this view’

I held your hand as I looked out,
From this view I could see everything,
Everything that meant the world to me,

To be stood here next to you,
Look at the beauty that surrounds me,
Is a dream that I was living,

I held your hand tight,
As I never, ever wanted to let go,
Never wanted to step away,
From the edge of this view,
To go back to life as it is,
Because life itself right now,
Was perfectly beautiful with you,

As the view faded from sight,
We held hands together,
While we walked away,
I came here with dreams,
I left with beauty in my hands,

There are some views in life,
Some people that will never leave the mind,
Like a beautiful view,
Some things in life will always be beautiful,
In memory, photograph or with you,

Some places will remind me,
Where I held your hand,
With such beautiful views.

5. ‘Take my hand and place it on your heart’

Take my hand and place it on your heart,
Look deep into my eyes and tell me,
Did you ever love me like I loved you?

I would have broken my arm from my body,
To have my hand upon your heart,
Just so I could be next to you whenever you needed me,

Take my hand and place it on your heart,
I only ever wanted to show you I love you,
With every heartbeat I feel with my heart,

Standing before you I have nothing else I can give,
If you felt like I do you would take my hand,
Place it upon your heart and tell me this is where it belongs,

Looking deep into my eyes will tell me what you feel,
How you show it is of course another matter altogether,
Just stretch out out you hand to mind and whisper what you feel,

To take my hand and show me hope like I have never had before,
Then to give only silence when I thought my heart is next to yours,
Is more damaging than any other physical pain to can throw at me,

Take my hand from my outstretched arm,
Look deep into my eyes as close as you need to,
Stand next to me and just show me what I mean to you.

6. ‘I walked into the room’

I walked into the room,
And I could have been anyone,
Anyone in her eyes,

I looked into her eyes,
And I knew from her look,
She did not know me,

My heart sank,
My words were lost,

All I could do,
Is smile as wide as my face could,
And say ‘hello’ as I would normally do,

I looked into her eyes,
And I could tell she wondered who I was,

I could have been the gardener,
Or the person from next door,
But I am her grandson,
With every memory I have,
Racing through my mind,
Giving me strength,
That those memories,
Will not pass unnoticed,

For she is still my grandma,
Still a person with a life to lead,

The same story may be told again and again,
Yet each time I will find it interesting,
Just with slightly different questions to ask,
To make her smile if not remember,

I walked into the room,

I looked into her eyes,

And I saw my grandma,
And she saw her grandson,

No different from any other time.

7. ‘As the door was shut, locked & bolted’

I fell in love with you,
As I stood by the front door,
Yet I could do no more,
As the door was shut,
And bolted,

I stood and stared,
At the lock,
With no key in my hand,
So why was I here?

I fell in love with you,
So I came here to tell you,

But as I arrived,
With my heart beating,
I knocked on your front door,
With every hope at my feet,
I wanted you to answer the door,

I waited,
My worst fear was realised,
You weren’t in,

I fell in love with you,
And there was no way I could tell you,
With the door shut,
And bolted,
I turned back,
Looked back,
And think what could have been,
If you were just in that day,
To hear what I had to say.

8. ‘Goodnight Kiss’

Kiss my soul,
Say goodnight,
I close my eyes,
My soul blessed,
Kissed by you.

9. ‘As I lay next to you’

You laid next to me,
With my heart within my mouth,
I started to speak,

Word by word,
I poured out my heart,
With no one else in the room,
It was for you,

As I lay next to you,
You were still,
You listened,
I spoke softly and quietly,

With my heart poured,
Into your hands,
I could catch my breath,
And stare into the beauty of your eyes,

As I lay next to you,
I move ever so closer,
Kissing you kindly,
With a kiss that was perfection,

Every word I read to you,
I meant with everything I have,
And at that moment I was in love,
Until the day I die it will be love forever.

10. ‘From my heart to the paper’

I wrote down in my diary,
That I loved you so,
Long before you ever knew,
I felt that way about you,

I wrote down my thoughts,
From my heart to the paper,
As I couldn’t tell anyone nearby,
That I was in love with you,

Long before I could read that page again,
I had to find a way to tell you,
That my words written,
Mean more than the paper they penned upon,

My diary holds those words,
Closed within its pages,
Unread for sometime,
Yet thought about many a time,

I couldn’t just write it and send it to you,
As the words I wrote I didn’t know were true,
Until the day you look at me in that way,
Then I knew the words written were real feelings,

The diary written and the words not quite spoken,
The pages are closed and together those words remain,
Dust they now collect as there will be no time for those words to appear again,
Only a glance from you will remind me of what is written,

I wrote down my thoughts,
From my heart to the paper,
As I couldn’t tell anyone nearby,
That I was in love with you.

11. ‘You fucking snob’

You fucking snob,
You think you know who I am,
You think what you know is best,

Well Listen to this mate,
You don’t know jack shit about me,
When was the last time you called me,
Ask me what I think or how I am,

You fucking snob,
You think you drink wine makes you mine,
Well listen to this,
The world itself is bigger than yours will ever be,
Just because I couldn’t be yours,
Doesn’t mean you have to be a fucking snob,

How could you be you,
Someone who is such a snob,
When you jump from place to place,
Never looking back and asking how one was,

You fucking snob,
You’re just a knob,
Not a knob to a door,
As that door is well and truly closed,
You are now the knob in question,
As I will never turn to you for advice,
Never mind turn you to open that door,

You fucking snob,
What makes you think that you’re world is so right,
When you look at what might be if you spoke to me,
All it would take is a few words to make everything straight,

You fucking snob,
Just because your house,
Is bigger than where a mouse would live,
Doesn’t make it more of a home,

You may earn more,
In trust, in money or whatever your beliefs are,
But what a bore it must be to be you,
For I am no snob,
You fucking snob.

12. ‘In Decline’

I am in decline, just like my mind,

My mind declines, just like I am,

The decline means I have nothing to find,

Is the declining of the mind just the beginning,

The beginning of the end or the end of the decline,

I am in decline, just like my mind,

What was it I was suppose to find, just the decline in my mind,

My mind doesn’t know what the decline will be,

Or whether it will ever come at all,

Yet it may have already started without even knowing,

Is this the decline I speak of now as my mind is all but confined?

The mind is in decline, yet I cannot let this let me down,

As for without my mind, I am no person.

13. ‘From the shore my heart set sail’

Take me down to the edge of the shore,
Kiss my heart goodbye as it sails away from me,

It’s never been the same since I left you,
Floating endlessly upon the sea’s surface,

Some days I wish the heart would sink,
Deep into the oceans depths,
Just so I can forget you for once and for all,

I still stand by the shore,
Watching the horizon for any sign of you,
I can only dream that you will bring my heart back to me,

Each time I leave the shoreline,
When the light is no longer here,
I sleep uneasy at night,
Hoping the new day brings something new, something good,

Through each sunny day I sit and wait by the shore,
These days are easy as the shore helps me to sit and wait,

When the storms come in and the weather crowds me,
These days are harder to fight as the shore is harsh and unforgiving,

Take me down to the edge of the shore,
And I will look out at where my heart set sail,
For it will come sailing back to me,
Just when the wind is in the right direction,
And when the time is right for my heart to accept what it let go,

The oceans are deep way beyond our comprehension,
And with that said it is the same for my heart,
What it loves and what it feels is something no one will ever understand easily,
This is why I wait by the shore to welcome back the heart,
My heart that is out there somewhere.

14. ‘((( resonates )))’

I love you resonates,
From one side of the mind,
And back again it goes,

I said it to you,
As I want you to hear it,
Believe it,
As much as I do,

It resonates,
Loudly and clearly,
I love you,

I cover my ears with my hands,
Hoping it will somehow block the noise,
Even though the noise is from the inside,
So I can hear my thoughts once again,

As it resonates,
All I want to do is scream it out,
I love you,
I love you,
I love you,

I love you resonates,

I love you,

Because I do.

I really do.

15. ‘A novel with no ending’

You are the soul that I am missing,
The one that needs to be next to mine,
Like a book sitting next to another on a shelf,

I sit and look over at you with a million things to say,
But I don’t know how to say to you,
Tell you everything that I have to speak of,
As the words I speak may make no sense at all,

My soul is missing something that only you can fill,
Replace what there was once only to be missing for a while now,
A book doesn’t speak unless someone speaks those words out loud,

When you sit next to me that missing part is filled,
When you speak to me I am something in awe of you,

Yet that awe is not much more than a dream,
A dream so far fetched it may as well be a novel,
As it would fill a bookcase with no ending in sight,

Whatever is missing is something filled by you,
No matter how short a time it may be that you fill it,
Each time a new novel is written and lived just for a while,

The shelf is becoming full with many feelings,
For the soul I wish I could stand next to,
Yet this novel will never be finished,
As there is plenty more to write for and live for.

16. ‘Deconstruct my heart’

Deconstruct my heart,
One piece at a time,
And you will see you are,
The main component
To what holds it together,

Piece by piece a story is told,
Each piece unfolding a view,
A world never seen before,
Laid bare it shows everything there is,

I don’t know how many pieces,
My heart will be in,
With every love felt,

Once deconstructed,
It will show everything there is of me,
Each piece with a lifetime to show,
And you will see,
There is one main component,
Holding my heart together as one,

And that one component,
Is you,

To put the heart back as it was,
Would almost take a lifetime,
As I would view each piece,
Like a photograph and reminisce,
About you,
And how you hold together,
What is now my deconstructed heart.

17. ‘You won’t find the door to the world upon the ceiling’

Each day I pick myself up,
As some days I feel like I am on the floor,
Looking up at the ceiling,
Wondering whether it’s worth getting up,
To face the day like everyday,
With those thoughts in the back of the mind,
To whether this is the day I fail in being me,
Or trying to find that me I was so long ago,

I look at the ceiling and tell me that it is not the limit,
The limit is out of the door and into the world,
I need to stop looking at the ceiling and head for the door,
Yet that would mean getting up from the floor,
Or what I feel like is the floor as I am so low,

The door is ajar and the hard work is all but done,
Get off the floor and through the door,
There is no limit but you won’t find out if there is,
Unless you get off the floor and push to whatever limit you can,

Life doesn’t come through the door,
The door has to be opened and walked through,
To look for life and bring that life home,

Look up at the ceiling and think that is not my limit,
It is only the start of what there is to be achieved,
The world is wider than the room you live,
And with this is mind there should only be positive ways forward,

Each day I pick myself up,
As I know each day is not always easy,
And when it all seems a little too much,
Look to the door and explore the world,
As the answers are there,
They just need to be found,
As there is no door on the ceiling,
The door to the world might as well be opened and found.

18. ‘I know I can’

I can talk to you about anything,
Anything at all,

I know I can,

Just the let the words flow,
From the mouth to the world,
I can talk to you,

I know I can,

Time may be against me,
To let me speak to you,
But I know,

I know I can,

Your ears will listen,
Yet may not understand,
What my words may mean,
Yet here I am,
Talking to you,

I know I can,

With words to help me,
From your view and your heart,
To motivate me to be better,

I know I can,

Speak to you,
Talk to you,
As you will always would do,
To anyone who needs a spare ear,

I know I can,

Just need the time,
For you and I,
As I know,
I can talk to you,

I know I can.

19. ‘Through the Years’

84’ I was born,

From then I grew,

10 to 16 many a change as a person, I went through,

17 to 18 the bigger world came into light, With an odd pint,

18 to 21 I went to learn, live independently, To become qualified, (For Life? For Work?)

22 – 23 I went to work to ride around the world, Travel I loved and travel I did,

24 to 26 I found a job and went to work,

27 to 30 Married, bought a place to call home and a child was born,

31 to 40 The next decade awaits, At the moment I can only guess,

40 to 50 I don’t currently can think about,

50 to 80 Who knows what the world holds,

80 Plus and I’ll probably be dust.

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