‘Through every stream and dream’is poem of the week.

Poem of the week this week is ‘Through every stream and dream’.  Have a read and any comments are more than welcome.


Find more poetry at PoetJordan.co.uk

Text version of the poem

‘Through every stream and dream’

Let’s go to the stables
Where we can tell our fables
From the years that have enabled us
To be who we want to be

Walking through fields of streams
We discussed our dreams
Teeming with endless possibilities
Which we adhere our minds to achieving

For now I’m ready to travel far and wide
To find your heart again
And fix the tear that keeps us apart

From the stable to the field
Through every stream and dream
I walk my way to you
Seeing sunset after sunset
With no luck upon the horizon
There is always tomorrow

As I start to remember
How the heart felt
When I was near you
Feel you next to me
I walk a little bit further

(even if it is in a circle).


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