‘The summer sun’ is poem of the week

As the sun has been shining a lot this week it only feels right to write a poem about the summer sun, and of course combined with the countryside and love.

Here is poem of the week – ‘The Summer Sun’

The summer sun by Poet Jordan

Text version:

‘The summer sun’

The summer sun
Brings so much fun
However the sunshine hides
Your pretty eyes
Behind your sunny shades

From the shade of the trees
The wind blows your hair
Looking relieved to feel the cooler air
Your fragrance travels with the breeze
Making me feel at ease

You glide across the grass
I feel blessed to be next to you
Especially when you wear that dress
That’s bright and beautiful just like you

Driving through the countryside
Side by side
Our eyes glance at one another
With smiles stretching
As long as the road we travel

At the end of the day
It is you that makes me smile
And as you smile
I smile

And as the sun goes in
I see your eyes once more
Your deep brown eyes
Eyes that have my mind captured
With my heart just in awe of you

The summer sun
Brings so much fun
From a smile to loud laughter
To the beautiful countryside
Side by side with you

May the summer be long
With you
Every day
All day.

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