‘Lakeside Mirror’ – Volume 19 by Poet Jordan

A collection of poems I very much enjoyed writing.

Poet Jordan Volume 19.JPG


  1. Nature Experience
  2. Weather Nature
  3. Nature View
  4. Racing the Sunshine
  5. A hand across the shoulder
  6. Reflector
  7. Just one more
  8. Connection Interaction
  9. The last good memories
  10. Fallen
  11. If I could run
  12. Finish Line
  13. Moments
  14. Create, Copy, Love & Destroy
  15. Caution to the wind
  16. Continue to wait…
  17. Colliding Tides
  18. One
  19. Take, Make & Believe
  20. Sing out loud
  21. 380 degrees
  22. Go today
  23. I thought it was you
  24. #PoetryIsASwearWord
  25. I may be
  26. Carpenter (Pt 1) Carpenter (Pt 2)
  27. #Unknown1
  28. #Unknown2
  29. Keep walking away
  30. Silhouette
  31. False Silence
  32. Unwalked Ways

1. Nature Experience

The river never reverses,
The flow stays the same way,

The reflection continues to reflect,
Until the waters surface is broken,

The view we see changes,
From every season the world gives us,

The air remains fresh as can be,
Until spoilt by man made machine,

The source of the water trickles,
To its final resting place in the reservoir,

The silence is never broken,
Until someone speaks out.

2. Weather Nature

In the search for beauty,
We look far and wide,
From a dark rainy day,
A ray of sunshine emerges,

From a moment of unknown,
Comes a view like never before,
The wind blows,
The clouds move forward,

As the clouds break,
The sun rays hit the earth,
Warming what is,
Unknown pastures to the heart,

How such a place is an inspiration,
To my heart and eyes so young,
For this place I would remember forever,
As I would like my daughter to as well,

Never has a short walk been so inspiring,
Just to be here is worth every moment,
Even as the clouds open,
And the sun blinds the eyes momentarily,
The quiet surroundings and the rays the sun gives,
Hope to everything,
Inspiring the mind for life ahead,
Replenishes the body to live on for what we see.

3. Nature View

How can you not like the view that lay before you,
God may have created it,
Yet we live and love after it,
Day by day it grows into something greater,
Than we could ever create by ourselves,

How can you not,
Like what lay in front of you,
Take in and feel,
The earth that is around you,

Everything here is a sight for tired eyes,
How anyone can not like what they see,
Would be a complete mystery to me,
We could not create anything greater,
As if we could do so,
We would be greater than anything in nature,
And as we are not,
Enjoy the beauty of the view that lay before you.

4. Racing the Sunshine

Racing away with the last bit of sunshine,
I look to find you wherever you may be,
With the light fading the chances I have,
To see you, find you while I can,
Are always diminishing just like the light,
I race, a look as hard as I can,
Wherever you may be I will find you,
With no light you will shine,
Guide me to you so I can track you down,
Racing with the last bit of sunshine,
Is all but pointless,
The rays travel faster than I could travel,
But not quicker than I can think,
To see you I will have to wait,
Watch as the first light of the day rises,
And only then will I continue to find you.

5. A hand across the shoulder

A hand across the shoulder,
Holding on for support,
Reaching out for love,
The picture tells more,
Than love spoken ever can,
She relies upon me,
To care, feed and guide her,
I rely upon her to fill my heart,
With joy and a sense of pride,
And a whole lot more,
A hand across the shoulder,
Is more than just support,
A beautiful bond from one to another,
One that will never be broken.

6. Reflector

I am a reflector,
I reflect was is,
What was,
And what,
Should have been,
I reflect on life,
In ways,
That should have been forgotten,
I am a reflector,
Reflect on everything,
And everyone.

7. Just one more

One more dance,
Across the dancefloor,
Just one more,

To dance the night away,
And forever let the memories,
Be dancing with you,
Remain fresh in the mind,

Around we go,
Holding each others hands,
Relying on one another,
To be strong while we dance,

One more dance,
To end the night,
A night like no other.

8. Connection Interaction

A connection without interaction,
Like a candle without and flame,
Knowing something is there,
A link between the two,
Yet the true connection cannot be made,
A link broken if you will think that way,

With so much to say,
So much to show,
Getting that connection would be joyous,
Then the risk of information overload may be the case,
Like a candle,
The right amount of oxygen, fuel and energy is needed,
To burn brightly, each element in it’s own balance,

A connection without interaction,
Is unbalanced and awkward,
Something lost and unknown,

A connection without interaction,
Is a link worth wondering,
Whether to go ahead,
And try to connect the interaction.

9. The last good memories

The last good memories,
I’ll keep with me forever,
The last good memories,
The last good memories,
I’ll remember as the good days,
The last good memories,
Is where I will be living forever more,
The last good memories,
The last good memories,
I’m holding onto with fingertips,
The last good memories,
As so long ago I hold on tight to them,
The last good memories,
The last good memories,
I cannot forget,
The last good memories.

10. Fallen

What do you do when all you believe in has fallen,
When I thought that this was the chance to shine,
The fear to have fallen into a whole different world,
Potential is remaining as potential,
No matter how hard you believe, or try to believe,
Something somewhere just isn’t right,
While others climb further away,
The feeling of falling further remains,
What do you do when all you believe in has fallen,
Stand and what the world pass by,
Or try to make a change that sets things right?
When fallen, why care?
Change is hard, never mind when fallen,
Catch me, stop me from falling,
Before give in, and fall forever more.

11. If I could run

If I could run,
I would run next to you,
Hand over help,
When required,
Run I would,
Just to be,
Close to you,

If I could run,
I would run,
A little harder,
Each day,
Just so I could,
Run next to you,
To be a little help,
When you need it,

If I could run,
I wouldn’t stop,
If it meant,
I could be a closer,
To you,
Just a little bit more.

12. Finish Line

No one I know,
Has energy like you,

No one I know,
Can run further than you,

No smile is greater,
Than the one that appears,
When you enter the room,

People would travel far,
To find someone like you,

In belief we trust,
That you strive with energy,

In trust,
We believe you travel,
Safe and well,
To the end of a journey.

13. Moments

Looking back at times gone by,
I adored you more than I ever thought I did,
There are moments I think back on,
And realise I did or said what I did,
Because I just simply adored you,

I remember times now,
Knowing you meant something to me,
Something so special,
Yet somehow I just didn’t do anything about it,

When you made me smile,
It was the greatest feeling,
When you made me laugh,
The blood within me,
Filled with happiness,

Moments to look back on,
Are fewer each day that passes,
I adored you more than I ever thought I did,

Times I know can recreate,
If I knew I had more time,
Many more moments to have,
Now finding the time to show you,
Is becoming harder and harder to find.

14. Create, Copy, Love & Destroy

Create the love to enjoy, no matter how long it takes,
Copy what you have and apply it to each day,
Love what you have and love forever,
Destroy what you have, and the world stops spinning.

15. Caution to the wind

Throwing caution to the wind,
One doesn’t care no more,
Yet if the wind is in your direction,
Caution will hit you right back,
Harder than you threw it in the first place,
Throwing caution to the wind,
It’s hard not to care,
As caution means you care.

16. Continue to wait…

I take your hand,
Take you to one side,
I look into your eyes,
Try to block the noise out from around,
Holding your hand,
I tell you I think of you,
Every moment I have,
With nothing to say,
For what feels like a year gone by,
I place my hand on your cheek,
Tell you I love you,
I embrace life, we live once,
And I kiss you,
Hold you,
Hug you with the hope of a return,
Everything I feel,
Is currently on the line,
Only awaiting for you to speak,
Tell me I am a fool,
Or I’m right to follow the heart,
I wait,
Continue to wait…

17. Colliding Tides

No one will ever know,
What I felt between morning and night,
Two different tides of emotion,
Washing me up causing me to realise,
I was here for the ride,

Awaking to one strange feeling,
However something through the day,
Changed the mind and heart,
To see where I was,
And what’s felt,

Two different tides colliding,
With no winner,
I was here for the ride.

18. One

She’s the one,
Oh yes she was,
She was the one,
The only one,
The last one,
The only one,
She’s the one,
She is just the one,
The only one.

19. Take, Make & Believe

Taking what I feel,
Making it into something real,
Believing in everything to make it work,

No time limit on what I feel,
As what is real,
Is limitless in time,

I take love,
Make you my love,
Believe in you,

I take, make & believe.

20. Sing out loud

I don’t have the lungs to sing,
No voice to sing out loud,
I don’t have the heart to be so loud,

No matter how hard I try,
I can take the deepest breath,
Clear the throat,
No noise is created above a mumble,

Loud in mind,
Is not loud in reality,
No voice, no sound, no song to sing.

21. 380 degrees

Distance between now and then,
A day prepared,
A thought elsewhere,

A heart from afar,
May be too far,

How did a kiss,
Miss out on perfection,

A complete spin on life,
And a little bit more,

No more to be said,
As yet so much paid in pain.

22. Go today

Go today,
And I wouldn’t see you tomorrow,

Go today,
And I would have very little left,

Go today,
And I can’t tell you I care,

Go today,
And I can’t say how much I love you,

Go today,
And I may never see you again,

Go today,
As tomorrow I may not be able to see you.

23. I thought it was you

When the phone rang,
I thought it would be you,
To tell me that you felt the same,

When that phone rang,
I honestly thought that it was you,
Finally the call had come,
The one that I was waiting for,

The phone rang,
I was in a state of panic,
I could not see who it was,
Almost dropping my phone from a great height,
I saw the screen light up,

And it wasn’t you,

My heart dropped,
Like a boulder to the ocean floor,

When the phone rang,
All I could wish for,
Is that it was you.

24. #PoetryIsASwearWord

Poetry I feel,
Is sometimes,
Like swearing,
God forbid
You should mention it,
Talk about it,
Share what is written,
With the wider world,
Poetry I feel,
Is misunderstood,
And lost.

25. I may be

For I may be different to you,
In how we think, act and be,
Different does my eye look at you,
From the heart,
I’d take your mind from here,
And we would enjoy a greater day,
I may be odd,
But I know from the heart,
Although different eyes meet,
I can make kind ways with you,
Be a friend to help you through life,
I may be different to you,
Yet I know that should not matter.

26. Carpenter (Pt 1)

To be a carpenter,
I literally,
Would have made,
Something with my life.

Carpenter (Pt 2)

Carving life,
From life,
Into a new life.

27. #Unknown1

For you,
was true,
for now,
is gone,
for you,
What is,

28. #Unknown2

I can’t,
But I will,

I do,
What I can’t,

I see,
What is there,

I make,
All I do.

29. Keep walking away

I can keep walking away from you,
But I will never stop loving you,
Walk to the highest point,
Drop to the lowest level,
For you will always be there,
Never able to walk away from,
The beauty that is youm
And the love that I have for you,
I can keep walking away from you,
Or at least try to,
But something always makes me turn around,
Come back to what I know,
And what I feel.

30. Silhouette

Silhouette of a face from a day gone by,
How in a glimpse I saw what was,
Someone from the many moons ago,
A silhouette of a forgotten face,
As if it was yesterday,
I saw the silhouette,
And I felt,
I could just go over and say hello,
To a silhouette that I thought was you,
I am I thought a foolish man,
For why would it be you,
And why would I think to walk over to you,
Every day a different silhouette could be seen,
No one silhouette stands out more than yours,
A silhouette of a face from a day gone by,
An outline of what was and missed.

31. False Silence

A silence that never be true,
I told you what my heart felt,
Only to hear a false silence,
A silence is hard enough,
But when there is nothing,
A false silence,
Is like nothing happened at all,
Nothing was ever said,
From false silence,
Emerges false hope,
In a false world.

32. Unwalked Ways

I wanted to walk next to you,
As I thought,
You wanted to walk next to me,
I laid the path,
Built the bridges,
Constructed the dam,
So that every step you took,
Was closer to me,
How I spent the world,
Building the path,
For it to never be used,
Abandoned ways,
Forgotten trails.

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