​Taken from volume 29, here is poem of the week. 


The hills undulated for miles around,
I could see in the distance that the hills never stopped,
The wind blew and it was like could smell the sea,
Brisk was the wind but it felt so good,

I was steaming ahead now,
The body and mind felt good,
I was almost running through the paths,
Up the inclines and past the views,

The sun shone and it was perfect,
I saw where I was,
And saw where I am now,
The world felt a better place,

The ground was soft,
But strong enough to hold my quick feet,
Every view I saw I captured in my heart,
Giving me a little bit more energy,
As every ounce I have will be needed,

No matter where I have been in the world,
As I look out at the undulating hills,
This I knew would be with me forever,
As this is the place I call home,
Knowing there is no other place like here,
Anywhere in the world,

My route took me to places I hadn’t been for many years,
Mentally as well as physically,
Some things beginning to make sense,
Whereas I needed to travel further,
To make sense of other things in life,

Soon the hills didn’t feel like my emotions,
Undulating from one feeling to the next,
I started to feel in control,
Ready to face whatever life had to offer,

I realised this route across the land,
Is what my mind needs to think,
And the journey I am on,
Is becoming clearer.

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