‘The tide is strong’ (Volume 41): My new collection of poems.

The new collection of 18 poems entitled ‘The tide is strong’ is mainly about various angles on love with a few other random thoughts.



  1. Silent footsteps
  2. Soaking & nearly broken
  3. His heart was not alone
  4. Through every stream and dream
  5. The summer sun
  6. The tide is strong
  7. I was simply admiring your beauty
  8. the boy in the red seat
  9. Your voice is amongst the trees
  10. I never really left
  11. Seven memories of you
  12. My Humble Words
  13. Everything in a moment
  14. From a mile away
  15. I love her
  16. He was silent
  17. Deletion
  18. As I looked across

1.‘Silent footsteps’

Silent footsteps
Trodden upon the hill
Remain timeless
Silent and still

If the hills could speak
They’d call out
To say s/he was here
Walking the same footsteps
Just the other day
And they lay beneath the steps
That you have just walked

Looking out from where you stood now
They too stood right here
Seeing the same view
(Albeit in a different light)
But the same fields for miles
The same path walked for both minds

Two hearts crossed paths
But on different days and different times
The two hearts did beat in the same place
Just not at the same time
Or together side by side

With the wind wailing
I can’t hear the hills speak out
About the silent footsteps
Therefore onwards I walk
And with no trace of any footsteps
I never knew that you were here

How close two hearts can be
Yet are so very far away
With only with the same view
To savour and dream
In front of the eyes

Of the two separate hearts
That walk the same path
Upon the same hill
Both walked the path
Leaving silent footsteps
For the hill to remember
In silence and stillness.

2. ‘Soaking & nearly broken’

The brambles scrape
With nettles stinging repeatedly
Branches bend and bash
Mud slips beneath the feet
With knees hitting the floor
Roots tripping and not forgiving
Rain falls with no pause for thought

Gates locked, bolted and blocked
Stumbling over stiles
Continuing for miles
Soaking and nearly broken
We stand back up
And carry on
With our journey

No nettle entwined with brambles
With a branch to bash us
To the muddy ground
Will stop out hearts from fighting on

With roots to cling to
And stiles to help us on our way
The rain can replenish the body
To help unblock those lock bolted gates

The eyes open wide
With our hearts belief and desire
For love, For life
Or the view at the end
We always stand back up
And fight for another day.

3. ‘His heart was not alone’

The poet walks
To gather his thoughts
Path after path
Tree by tree
The natural world
Helps his thoughts

Stepping over branches
He glances to the next
Planning the route
That his feet will take him to
One step at a time

With water dripping
From the tree leaves
He did believe
His heart was not alone
As he walked
Under tree tops of rustles and rain

As the poet walks
He does not talk
As the thoughts run wild
In mind and soul
Sorting themselves out
Literally one step at a time

He as a poet is never alone
As the wind whistles
Rustling the trees all around
Knowing footsteps here
Have been walked
By hearts of love at some time
And within the wind
Your walking words are heard

Reaching the view
I think ‘phew’
Letting out a sigh of relief
As my belief is true
That you are here
Walking with me.

4. ‘Through every stream and dream’

Let’s go to the stables
Where we can tell our fables
From the years that have enabled us
To be who we want to be

Walking through fields of streams
We discussed our dreams
Teeming with endless possibilities
Which we adhere our minds to achieving

For now I’m ready to travel far and wide
To find your heart again
And fix the tear that keeps us apart

From the stable to the field
Through every stream and dream
I walk my way to you
Seeing sunset after sunset
With no luck upon the horizon
There is always tomorrow

As I start to remember
How the heart felt
When I was near you
Feel you next to me
I walk a little bit further

(even if it is in a circle).

5. ‘The summer sun’

The summer sun
Brings so much fun
However the sunshine hides
Your pretty eyes
Behind your sunny shades

From the shade of the trees
The wind blows your hair
Looking relieved to feel the cooler air
Your fragrance travels with the breeze
Making me feel at ease

You glide across the grass
I feel blessed to be next to you
Especially when you wear that dress
That’s bright and beautiful just like you

Driving through the countryside
Side by side
Our eyes glance at one another
With smiles stretching
As long as the road we travel

At the end of the day
It is you that makes me smile
And as you smile
I smile

And as the sun goes in
I see your eyes once more
Your deep brown eyes
Eyes that have my mind captured
With my heart just in awe of you

The summer sun
Brings so much fun
From a smile to loud laughter
To the beautiful countryside
Side by side with you

May the summer be long
With you
Every day
All day.

6. ‘The tide is strong’

My heart sunk beneath the waves
But it never hit the floor
As you reached down
To save my thoughts
As well as my life

Forever grateful I will be
For you to be there for me
When I needed you most
And even at times
When I thought
I didn’t need anyone
At all

The tide is strong
But with you
I walk from the rip tide
Hand in hand
Feeling stronger
In mind and in my soul

As the day ends
My words are simple
And from a heart
That beats for you
To your heart I adore

You make me stronger
Even if you don’t always know
But you should know
My heart flutters for you
Through each day
And every night.

7. ‘I was simply admiring your beauty’

I think you saw me
as your eye caught mine

  • I was simply admiring your beauty

When you wave at me I feel just fine
it reminds me
you think at me
(for at least for a moment)

  • While I simply admire your beauty

When you look away
I catch a moment
to look at your beauty
seeing what it is
that catches my eye
every time

If you see me
smile at me
always remember

  • I was simply admiring your beauty.

8. ‘the boy in the red seat’

the boy in the red seat
has done nothing wrong
he wiped eye covered in blood
upon the seat where he sat
scared, confused & frightened

the same as the boy in the sea
had done nothing wrong
but he ended his life
in the arms in a man
dead upon the shore of the sea

when will it stop?

the pain
the suffering

when will it stop?

9. ‘Your voice is amongst the trees’

Amongst the trees
I heard the wind rustle the branches
And amongst that
I thought I could hear your voice callout

Only is it then realise
You are the missing voice
My heart needs to carry on

So I walk through the trees
Listening intently
Trying to calm the breathing down
To hear the direction of the voice
But the rain falls hard upon the leaves
And the roar of the rain distorts my ears

Nothing but rain and rustles could be heard
Your voice drowned by the natural sounds
I stand still and look aimlessly around

Your voice is amongst the trees
I heard it once and I’ll hear it again
When you need me I will be there
Just never stop from calling out to me.

10. ‘I never really left’

I never really left
that place that you and I had
the love continues on
with my heart left behind

I never really left
the city where the years passed by
so quickly the memories created
yet forever lasting in my heart

I never really left
as I took my thoughts with me
of that day, moment, minute
to live forever with me
even if they don’t with you

I never really left
but yet I did
and here I am
however mentally
I never did leave

I never really left
so in some way
my heart is still there
but maybe never to return
so my heart is neither here nor there
but either way it’s where it wants to be.

11. ‘Seven memories of you’

My heart will always have
Seven memories of you
They remain close to my heart
And I’ll take them wherever I go
(And when I go)

Memories of beauty
So natural
A perfect picture it creates
In the light of life

The moment I knew I loved you
I knew before you truly loved me
But every moment in between
Was a joy to be next to you
Seeing our hearts grow

When we held hands
Kissed as the sun set
The world was ours
To savour and live for

My heart pounds
At every one
Of the seven memories
Over and over
Because it is they
That keep my heart alive

Seven memories
You may not think that it’s many
But from each one is a strand of life
That stretches beyond this world

From the first sight of your face
Holding hands before
To the first kiss
Leading to telling you ‘I love you’
Brings the intimacy between you and I
And most of all the Smiles
(The oh so beautiful smiles)
Bring all the memories of you and I
That will remain close to my heart
And I’ll take them wherever I go
(And when I go).

12. ‘My Humble Words’

My humble words
I tend to mumble
As I tumble through life
Often stumbling
As I fumble over thoughts.

13. ‘Everything in a moment’

Everything in a moment
Changed within my heart
As it started to feel
Something for you
Like it never has done before

Why did the heart miss you
When you weren’t there
It had never done that before

You’re smile ignites my day
Looking forward to seeing you
Being next to you
Even if it’s just for a moment
And when that moment wasn’t there
I missed you
And I felt slightly odd

Everything in a moment
Changed within my heart

I realised I cared for you more
Than I ever thought I did

It wasn’t love
It was sadness that I felt
Because maybe what I felt
Could never grow into love

Everything in a moment
It changed my thoughts

But for now all I could do
Was wait for you to come back
And see if my heart felt any different
The next time you were here next to me.

14. ‘From a mile away’

I can sense you smile
From a mile away

Turn your back to mine
And I can still feel your heartbeat

Your thoughts of sadness
I will make them fade away

I can turn to you to make me smile
Or if ever I am in need of a helping hand

You look to my eyes
And I can tell what you think

When your hand touches mine
It’s more than electric

In the same room and in the same time
The air between us is filled with belief

When I sense you smile
My heartbeat settles

Even if I am miles away.

15. ‘I love her’

I love her
she is everything

Her beauty
the best of the world

My heart
becomes calm
when she holds my hand

I always ask
if I could kiss her goodbye
with my heart pounding
all for a kiss
that may be
just upon the cheek
but it is everything
that I love her for

I love her
and I
live for her.

16. ‘He was silent’

He was silent
thoughts fatigued
heart sleepy

He just wanted
to be silent
because his thoughts
had simply
thought too much

Let the mind sleep
rest from the world
that surrounds his feet

All for the next day
so he can get up and walk again
think again
be stronger than before

A mind’s thoughts
can be heavy until lifted
so let the mind rest
and be in silence.

17. ‘Deletion’

Some memories cannot be deleted
No matter how hard you try

They just cannot be forgotten

Ctrl + A

Just doesn’t work
With what’s in the mind
As the mind remembers
Recreates the moments
Again and again.

18. ‘As I looked across’

As I looked across

the garden – you are like a flower swaying in the breeze
the table – you are the most beautiful person around it by far
the docks – you are a sight every eye needs to see
the world – the only place I want to be with you

I looked into your gorgeous eyes

All I wanted to say to you out loud
is how much I adore you
love you from where I am

Never knowing if you would actually know
how much you make my heart beat
to the rhythm of life and all the joy it brings

As the night draws in I see the light fade from view
you are by my side sharing our thoughts and dreams
as I look across to beauty that is you

Across the


I see you
your beauty
through and through.

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