23:42 by Poet Jordan


Here is the latest collection of poems entitled ’23:42′ based upon love and feelings as much of my work is. 16 poems in total and any feedback is welcome whether it be good or bad.

Below is the photo poems and links that is the full text poetry to read. Enjoy!


  1. ‘Sky between the clouds’
  2. ‘A heartfelt plea to my mind’
  3. ‘23:42’
  4. Interlude 1 – ‘Equation of love’
  5. ‘You saved my heart, Without even knowing’
  6. ‘A summer’s dream’
  7. ‘Gain an hour’
  8. ‘I held her heart in my hands’
  9. ‘She’s divine and on my mind’
  10. ‘P’
  11. Interlude 2 – ‘Dance’
  12. ‘The sea let me sail’
  13. ‘With the heart pounding’
  14. ‘You know how to make me feel alright inside’
  15. ‘Some voices’
  16. ‘A dream so real’

1.‘Sky between the clouds’

You are the sky between the clouds and the green fields below
Where I’d walk as far as the eyes can see to get to you

With the bright sky and hovering clouds
I dream of you and I reaching out to see the beauty
Of the view and of course you

With the camera in my hand
I live life through the lens
Hoping that you too see the view that inspires me
Either standing by my side
Or in front of the lens
To match your beauty
Against the endless view of beauty in front of us

Putting the camera down
The eye captures more detail
More light and more beauty
For the mind to remember and adore

As the sky between clouds captures our eye
I look to you for more beauty and inspiration
More than any view ever could do.

2. ‘A heartfelt plea to my mind’

A heartfelt plea to my mind
Please just let the thoughts go and be free

Running thoughts become faster
Harder to chase down and decipher

The longer and faster they run
The mind fatigues and stumbles over many, many thoughts

Add some poison and the plea is free
Seeping deeper the thoughts stop running
Yet this is not for long
As the poison breaks down and leaves the mind
Hydrated and ready
The thoughts start to run once again

Not before long they’re fully up to speed
Never stopping and always reminding the heart
Of how it felt, feels and the farewells
That play upon the rhythm of the heart

A heartfelt plea to my mind
Please just let the thoughts go and be free
As there are many other thoughts
That I need to run for

A temporary poisoned thought may go for a while
However a thought will always be there
And there they are to be dealt with and let them free for good.

3. ‘23:42’

Age or time
Doesn’t matter
If our hearts combine
Then that is our
Age and time

4. Interlude 1 – ‘Equation of love’

There’s no equation to show how much I love you
But somehow I’ll solve it anyway.

5. ‘You saved my heart, Without even knowing’

With the words you said
And the actions to match
You saved my heart
Without even knowing

My heart wanted something
That it thought it believed in
But with your words
You brought new thoughts
To which saved my heart

You may never know
That you saved my heart
But I always will
Therefore forever grateful

Without even knowing
You saved my heart
Therefore I imagine
What could we do
If you knew you’d saved it

What would my heart
Have to say about you
If you knew everything?

6. ‘A summer’s dream’

A summer’s dream
Caught early autumn
When the leaves started to fall
As the cool calm air awoke the day
Out of the low sunshine filled sky
You walked into my vision

I never envisaged what impact you’d have
Upon my thoughts and on my day
But I have to say the heart skipped and jumped
Pumped a little faster when I thought of you

A summer’s dream
But no time between seasons
To see the change in view
As time stood still
With the sky filled with sunshine blue skies
Being as glorious as you

The summer sight became autumn’s wish
A clear beautiful you to match the day
A favourite season for a favourite heart
A summer’s dream came finally true
And it was you that caught my eye
When the leaves started to fall.

7. ‘Gain an hour’

Gain a minute and I take a moment to think
Of what is now and where to go from here

Gain an hour and I could write you a letter
Penning thoughts of you and I

Gain a day and I could take you out by my side
Talking of my thoughts and listen intently to your world

Gain a week and a half and we could fly away
To find a part of the world neither of us have seen
(Explore our surroundings as well as our hearts)

Gain a year and we could see each other in every season
From the summer sun through the winter’s winds
(As the temperature plummets maybe I could hold you close
Keeping you warm as the winds wail and sunshine fades)

Gain a lifetime and I could show you the love I have for life and for you
A lifetime to care and love through everything that life may bring
(A chance to take control of our fates and make something truly great)

Gain a world and we could fill it with our thoughts and hearts desires
All from a minute to a lifetime it all takes time.

8. ‘I held her heart in my hands’

I held her heart in my hands
caring for it more than my own
I would have done anything
to protect the heart from any pain

Her heart beat softly, and quietly and confidently
But it was strong
Stronger than you might have thought

She didn’t always think that her own heart was strong
Yet I knew it was as I’d seen the strength and power

It was the strongest heart I knew
And couldn’t just couldn’t say that
If it wasn’t true

The only way I could show it was the truth
Is to put my hand upon her chest
Look into her eyes
And tell her she needs to believe in herself so much more
And the eyes that looked back at me
Had a glint of belief

I held her heart in my hands
Not knowing if I could hold what was this precious
With the care and stability that it deserves
I only had to start believing in myself
And remember it was all for you
(It has always ever been for you)

The heart beating softly for her sensitive smile
Yet strength was there undoubtedly I know
The hand upon her chest hearing her heart
Looking into her eyes I could only fall
In love
With her as she smiled and waved
And captured my heart within her eyes

She had the strongest heart I knew
And all I could do was tell her so.

9. ‘She’s divine and on my mind’

Spying with my eye
She’s divine and on my mind

Should you be there at all (I may say)
Sitting upon my thoughts
Speaking gently to my heart

Stroking her hair behind the ear
Sensitively I sit seduced by you
Staring and glaring into your eyes

Star struck and lost in your beauty
S/he holding hands softly
Spine tingles as one hand strokes another

Strings of the heart are plucked away
Sounds of the heart are starting to play
String by string a song is written and performed

Sorry is the eye for not smiling earlier
Smiling as bright as the sun shines
Sun setting upon my heart and mind
Soothing the world we have captured a moment
Sorry is the eye from you and I not glancing sooner

Subtle are the thoughts
Soaked with lust I must pause for a moment

Spying with my eye once more
She’s divine and on my mind.

“10. ‘P’

A perfect poet I’d be
Picking pictures
Of perfect places
With pursuing eyes
Penetrating my heart
Pricking my skin
To make my persistence
A little more persuading
Particularly for you
Partially for no one else
All because my pulsating heart
Pulses for you

11. Interlude 2 – ‘Dance’

Turn the music up
And let’s fucking dance.

12. ‘The sea let me sail’

The sea swept away the tears
Dispersing in the waves
They were soon forgotten
With memories sinking below the surface

The sand between the toes started to hurt
After mile upon mile walking across the beach
Only find that you were not there

The tears that fell were soon swept away
Wave after wave I wandered with no clue

It was only when I stopped and stared
Across the surface of the sea
With the sunlight glaring
I saw a way to make new memories

I set sail across the sea
Over waves that washed away old memories
Into the sunset I sailed
To find new lands, minds and hearts

The sea swept after I wept
The sea let me sail over sunken memories
The sea saved my soul.

13. ‘With the heart pounding’

With the heart pounding
I frowned
As it was sounding
Like the heart had lost
But it had found something worth
Much more than frowning about

Thump thump went the heart
Deep inside the chest
A touch of the hand
And the rib cage nears explosion

The heart had lost nothing
But gained more ideas and feelings
Than ever before
When next to you
I never knew this would be a feeling

Down at the bottom of my heart
Your eyes had awoken a different rhythm
One in time with the heart
Giving an extra lease of life

Nothing was lost but everything gained
The heart became stronger
With more rhythm and excitement
Deep within the heart and mind.

14. ‘You know how to make me feel alright inside’

Making you laugh I stand back and think
Of how wonderful you are
Hoping that the laughter doesn’t never end

In the moment of silence that prevails
I ponder something to say that will make you smile
(Or at least something that I think will)
Yet the silence is never awkward or unforgiving
It’s just time to be in the presence of you and I

No heart is calmer when next to you
Confidence grows and shows when speaking
The wonder that you are makes my heart wild
But I keep it all inside my dancing mind

I don’t need to tell you how I feel
As you can already tell
And in a glimpse of your smile
You know how to make me feel alright inside.

15. ‘Some voices’

Some voices are louder than others
From all directions
Inside and outside of the mind

Find the right voice
For the right situation

The voice that is the loudest
May not be the right voice to hear

So choose wisely
To which voice to listen to
And where from.

16. ‘A dream so real’

I dreamt of losing you
As real as the dream was
I awoke to think
That you weren’t there
And everything was real
As it was in the dream

In that moment
My heart
Felt relieved
And lived once more

How a dream can make the heart think
If you weren’t there
Then what would I feel
Never mind what I would do

A dream so real
I hope it never is.

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