‘Without a muse, there is no love’- Volume 16 by Poet Jordan

Poet Jordan Volume 16.JPG



  1. Muse
  2. From afar
  3. Journey to the first kiss
  4. Forest
  5. Tuned in
  6. Escape
  7. I can no longer
  8. Settled
  9. Whatever happens
  10. To hear from you
  11. If I could make it up
  12. Streets of hope
  13. This is the time
  14. No more words
  15. Waiting Time
  16. Answers required (for progression)
  17. The physical attributes may change
  18. I try to forget
  19. Empty space
  20. It’s killing me
  21. Like a wave
  22. The theory of love
  23. The candle
  24. Feelings
  25. Be free
  26. Centre of gravity
  27. I’m getting back to what I loveFinal thoughts


To set the scene / the place / the world.

Every person that falls in love has a story, thoughts to share, reasons why they fall in love.

This is a collection of poetry fables, made by me, for you to read. Poetry about feelings that can be true to life about fighting for love, even if it may be love that never comes true.

Love in life should not be wasted, for one day we will look back and see what love was, and why we should speak out.

1. Muse

Without a muse,
There is no love,

To every poet,
There is a muse,

I will never find,
Another muse,

Like you.

2. From afar

I’m looking at you with fondness,
From afar,
Of such a very beautiful person,
There’s just something,
That’s telling me,
I’ll never tell you,
What you actually mean,
And why so,

With the sun setting,
I take a photo of the moment,
Hoping it’ll last forever more,
More than the memory I have,

Yet when I walk to see you,
And you’re not there,
It’s hard enough not talking to you,
Never mind not being able to talk to you,

Each moment I have,
I try to make you smile,
Brighten up your face,
As I know it will brighten mine,

I look with fondness,
I see the way you are,
You’re beautiful,
From afar,
Or up close,

From afar,
I have feelings for you.

3. Journey to the first kiss

Our first kiss,
Will be at the top of the hill,
We will walk,
We will talk,
We will each other,

I just need to take your hand,
Ask you to walk with me,
Be with me,

The hill is high,
As high as the love I have for you,
But to get there,
We must take the effort,
To be next to one another,
Share our feelings,
Give something to believe in,
To each other,

Our first kiss,
Will never happen,
Unless we reach that hill top,
From then we will understand,
Each other more,
From the journey we will make,
To our first kiss and beyond.

4. Forest

Through the forest,
I can see the light,
The light that inspired me,
To take my love,
And place it upon your hand,

For you to look back at me,
Stare at what I have given you,
And never sure,
Of what to do with it,

The light in the forest,
Is all that I need to see,
You as the one I love,
The one that holds my heart,

Yet I find myself,
Awaking from a day dream,
Sitting in the forest,
With the light fading,
You are not there,
To hold my heart,

Through the forest,
Of life,
I handed you my love,
Hoping the light would flourish,
But the day dream ended,
And the journey continued.

5. Tuned in

I’ve been tuned in,
For what feels like a lifetime,
But all I see is static,
Hear the static from the screen,

The screen crackles,
Flickers with spots,
Yet I stay tuned,
As I know one day,
The picture will appear,
A drama worth waiting for,

I stay tuned,
But nothing ever appears,
The static causes the eyes to tire,

There is so long you can focus,
On something so unclear,

Stay tuned,
For next week,
The drama will continue.

6. Escape

I can see in your eyes,
That you want to escape,
Just for a moment,
Or even two,

My hand is waiting,
Held out proudly,
Open handed,
For your hand to hold mine,

Each time I look into your eyes,
You must see what I have,
For you,
To hold and keep forever,

A moment to escape,
Or even two,
Does not have to be
The last resort on earth,
To have a moment with you,

However if that’s what it takes,
Let it be so,

My hand is waiting,
Never shall it grow old of waiting,
Patience is a virtue,
And I am here for you.

7. I can no longer

I can no longer,
Wait for an answer,

No matter how great it could be,
Or detrimental to the heart

I can no longer wait,
For if it was natural,
An answer,
Would be so easy to give,

I can no longer wait,
But wait I shall,
For as long as I can.

8. Settled

All seems settled,
So why rock the boat,
To cause waves of unknown measures,

I have spoken of love,
Broken my silence,
For one that is you,

The settled moment,
I looked upon,
And wondered if this was the time,
To share what I love,
To share that moment with you,

With all seeming settled,
The calmness of the water,
Was too beautiful to ignore,
Just like you,
So I had to break the surface of the water,
To just say,
I adore you so much,

The waves lapped against the boat,
But there was no tidal wave,
The wave just passed by,
With no blink of an eye,

When the water settled,
Your beauty was seen so clear,
In the glisten of the water surface,

Settled it seems to be,
Even the rock of the boat,
Cannot unsettle what is.

9. Whatever happens

Whatever happens,
I will always adore you,
But forever regretting,
Not to have shown,
That you are beautiful to me,

Whatever happens,
I can look you in the eye,
And know I feel I have done,
All I can to show my feelings,

Whatever happens,
The world continues,
For you and I,
But just maybe,
In a parallel line,
To each other,

Whatever happens,
Do not hate me,
For showing you my love,
For you,
And what you mean to me,

Whatever happens,
Just the feelings,
I have for you,
Keep going around,
And around.

10. To hear from you

You have never said,
That there is something
In your heart for me,

For all I could be doing,
Is chasing a shadow of a dream,

If I knew how you felt,
I would become the one,
That made everything,
In your life,
A happy one,
From here to the end,

Never saying how you feel,
Makes the world an unknown place,
Even more stranger,

What is in your heart,
Only you know,

Just to hear from your heart,
Would make mine calmer.

11. If I could make it up

If I could make it up,
It wouldn’t be like this,
I’d write every page,
Like it was my last,

Make you believe,
What I feel,
Is for you,

If I could make it up,
I could just as quickly forget it all,
Because it would not mean anything,
At all,

If I could make it up,
Why do I feel like I do?
Joyous when I see you,
Downhearted when I can’t be next to you,

If I could make it up,
I wouldn’t be like I am,
Because my heart aches every day,
Knowing if I could make it up,
I would be next to you.

12. Streets of hope

I’m drained from chasing you,
Through the streets of hope,

With every twist and turn,
Each new street showing hope,

Yet at the end of each Street,
Just like a dead end,
There is nothing,
To give me a little hope,
That I need,

As I catch my breath,
I see a shadow in the distance,

So I run again,
Through another street of hope,
Just hoping that this one,
Will have the answers,

I cannot chase you any more,
Because I have lost my way,

I don’t know where you are,
Or which direction I should take,

Each street is starting to look the same,
As I stand and look around in a daze,
However I know there is hope here,
Just where it is,
I believe to be with you,

That is why I need to find you,
Through each street of hope,
So I can see you,
Believe in you, with you.

13. This is the time

This is the time,
When there’s no more to give,
I’ve taken my heart and soul,
Presented it on a platter of poetry,

Words can,
And have,
Shown what I believe,
Who I believe,
And why I believe,

This is the time,
I step back,
And see the bigger view,
Like a panoramic shot,

Yet as I look,
And see the bigger picture,
I realise I do not want to give up,

The words I have spoken,
Are those of love for you,

This is the time,
When I let my feelings go,
Hoping that one day,
They come back to me,
More focused,
And written better,
The next time around.

14. No more words

No more words,
Written or otherwise,

My next thoughts,
Will be acted out,

Just like a Shakespeare play,
With dramatic scenes,
And an unforgettable ending,

But I can’t guarantee,
That your heart will be in one piece,
By the words of love,
I have always had for you.

15. Waiting Time

I’ve waited all this time,
But I can’t go on,

The clock ticks,
Day by day,

I need you to say,
If what I feel,
Is what you feel for me?

The idea of hurt,
Is already in practice,

The clock ticks,
And I watch it closely.

16. Answers required (for progression)

With no answer,

I cannot progress,

Progression is based,

Upon answers to questions given?

When the answer is provided,

Progression can be made,

But until then,

No movement there will be.

17. The physical attributes may change

The physical attributes may change,
But what’s underneath,
Will forever be more important,

The physical attributes attract,
The heart shares what is true,
The heart does not care,
What you look like to me,

What’s inside,
Is more important to me,
Than anything else,
That is where the real beauty is,

The physical attributes may change,
But you are beautiful from inside out,
It may seem contradictory,
But you just are beautiful to the eye,

From the glimpse of your gorgeous eyes,
To the soft voice which talks from within,
There is no part of you,
That I do not love, more than another.

18. I try to forget

I try to forget,
But I can’t,
No glimpse is better,
Than one of you,

No view will be better,
Than that of when our paths cross,
No life is complete,
Without the view of you,

I try to forget,
Who you are,
And how I feel towards you,
Or when we shall meet again,
Speak again,

I just can’t forget,
It’s always on my mind,
Every waking moment,
Every sleeping dream.

19. Empty space

I see life empty,
Because it should be filled,
With the memories that I have of you,
The love that I have for you,

Empty space,
Like no words on a page,
And no one to read them out,

Space to have grown,
But cower I have,

This vast empty space,
I have not known,
For such a long time,

Come and fill it with me.

20. It’s killing me

It’s killing me,
The tears can’t roll,
Down the face that is so sad,
Yet it appears so happy,
In more than a moment,

So close I sit,
Yet I am the furthest away,
From ever being the one to trust,
To speak to,
When we have a moment alone,

It’s killing me,
I told you I care,
And I know you know,
It’s just we never speak,
To one another,
To set the world straight,
To make a smile,

It’s killing me,
My heart has so much space for you,
Yet you are not able to fill it,
A void open to you,
And to you,
I will open my heart,

It’s killing me,
With no one to notice.

21. Like a wave

The depression is setting in,
It’s like a wave coming in,
The weather closes in,
The depression deepens,

When all around is fine to every eye,
The eye’s you behold,
Are looking at a very different world,

With no reason for the wave to approach,
It’s all you can see,

Stand and breathe,
Knowing it will hit,
Waiting for it to hit,
Just not knowing how hard it will be,
This time,

Like a wave it recedes,
Leaving a trail of damage,
But nothing can be right at first,

Time to clear up from the wave,
And prepare for the next one,
Yet prepared to avoid it if possible.

22. The theory of love

The theory of love,
Is always a good read,
Each one of us has our own,

We have our feelings,
We have our thoughts,
We have the one person we like,

The theory of love,
You’d think would be easy,

Share what you feel,
Make known to the one,
That there is love in your heart,
For the one you feel,

In practise the theory,
Cannot always be applied,
Only written about,
Waiting to be tried and tested,

The theory of love,
Is sometimes just a theory,
Like many others in the world,
Never being put into practise.

23. The candle

The candle flickered,
In a dark world around us all,

I lit the candle for you,
To represent the love,
I have grown for you,

To share some light,
To start to spread the hope,
That this light would grow,
Into and around the world,

I know what I feel,
Is real,

And when the candle is almost out,
I will light another,

And another,
Until there is enough light,
In our lives.

24. Feelings

They just don’t make sense,
To me?
To you?
Do they?

Why show what you have,
When the world isn’t ready?

Can inspire the mind,

Can destroy the mind,

Even if it was only good intentions,
Why show them?
Why bare the heart to the world,
When it’s clearly just not ready?

25. Be free

Muse one,
Has gone forever,

Muse two,
Was you,

Muse three,
Is to be free.

26. Centre of gravity

The alcohol has taken the centre of gravity,
Taken away what I feel,
As there is no return for what is said,

With no centre of gravity,
The world spins out of control,
What am I meant to do?

Gone is the centre of gravity,
The only thing that was keeping me safe,

When I thought you could help me,
Find that centre again,
I find nothing that is stable to help,

When one more drink,
Helps find that centre of gravity,
We awake to find,
That it was all false hope,
And life is forever spinning.

27. I’m getting back to what I love

I’m getting back to what I love,
The tunes play out loud,

I’m getting back to what I love,
The pen writes from the heart to the page,

I’m getting back to what I love,
But I’m not getting back with you,

I’m getting back to what I love,
Yet the feelings I share are not for one to hear,

I’m getting back to what I love,
And that is life itself, but yet I still question that,

I’m getting back to what I love,
And that is sharing what I really feel for you,

I’m getting back to what I love,
And never really knowing what you felt.

Final thought:

To where does love & feelings end?

A poem, a thought, an action?

Love & feelings do not end.

No matter how much you try.

Love & feelings are felt forever.

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