‘From a perspective’ by Poet Jordan (Volume 28)

Poet Jordan Volume 28


1. ‘He looks at me’
2. ‘Those words she says’
3. ‘I can’t look at her’
4. ‘Sitting so close’
5. ‘Letting go of my hand is letting go of every hope I have’
6. ‘Do I walk over?’
7. ‘I know she loves him, but I adore you’
8. ‘Time I went over’
9. ‘ I know this lifetime isn’t for us, So maybe in the next one’
10. ‘I thought that you were looking at me’
11. ‘The feelings he has for me’
12. ‘Sitting side by side’
13. ‘Where has that smile gone’
14. ‘On the end of the message’
15. ‘As I walk in the room she doesn’t look at me’
16. ‘Never given in’

1. ‘He looks at me’

He looks at me,
Tells me that he loves me,
What do I do,
Or what should I say,

I not know how I feel,
About what he has said,
Or what he wants me to do,

Those words spoken,
Could only ever be said,
If he meant them,

He looks at me,
Tells me there are feelings,
How strong they are,
I am not that sure,

For I did not expect these thoughts,
To ever cross my mind,
Because he is just someone,
Who has always been there,

I choose not to do anything,
As then the balance would be uneven,
And the world doesn’t need anything else,
Crashing to the ground,

He looks at me,
And I see in his eyes,
He means what he says,

But I choose to say nothing,
Because this world is not for this,
As this life is all that I have.

2. ‘Those words she says’

How can she tell him that,
Why can’t she see,
What she says in no place for here,

Take those thoughts you have,
And find a different place for them,
Can’t you see what would happen?
If those thoughts,
Feelings and words,
Were to be known by all,

Tell me that no one else knows,
So those words can be forgotten,
Passed by with all the love world,
Just to make this one world,
A better place to live,

Can’t she see?
Those words she says,
Should never be said,
Because what if,
The words spoken,
Are reciprocated,
Then what would happen then?

The view of the world,
Has very much changed from here,
Because if she does feel that way,
Then it would change everything,
If it was to be known by all.

3. ‘I can’t look at her’

I can’t look at her,
What happens if she sees me,
She knows how I feel,
And with others so close,
I cannot say too much,

Or what is more likely,
That I will not be able to find any words,
To say that won’t make me cower,
A little bit more than I already do,

As you know how I feel,
And the look in my eyes,
Might just give me completely away,

I can’t look at her,
Not that I don’t want to,
I want to,
But what if I am seen,
With no purpose to look at you,
What would others think of me?

I can’t look at her,
Or she just won’t look at me?
For I see her more to my heart,
Than I am anything to her heart,

For every glimpse I have of you,
I will be thankful,
For the beauty I see in front of me,
And if you do see me,
I will smile and be on my way.

4. ‘Sitting so close’

Why does she always sit close to him,
What is it that makes these two want to sit closer?
He speaks all but nonsense to me,
Yet she laughs out loud,
Releasing some sort of beauty,

He and she almost fight to sit close,
Be within a whisper of each other,
Yet what they may whisper,
Is unknown to me,
But whatever it may be,
It makes them both smile,
And there is something between them,
When there really shouldn’t be,

Sitting so close,
I wonder if there is more than meets the eye,
Maybe a hand upon her knee,
Says more than the words I cannot hear,

Pushing her hair behind her ear,
She appears relaxed and at ease,
Sitting so close to him,
It’s what makes me think,
They should be lost,
In their own world for a while,

Yet who am I to comment upon what I see,
For I wish I could sit close to you,
Whisper in your ear,
To release that beauty I see,
The only beauty I see with my eyes.

5. ‘Letting go of my hand is letting go of every hope I have’

Do I need to tell her?
That what I feel,
Cannot be acted upon,

I have said so much to you,
But there is nothing I can do,
Because you love him,
And that I know you do,

For I believe there is something,
Between us, a connection,
A feeling that we get along,
Somewhat belong,

For I can speak to you,
Without any hesitation,
And the words you say to me,
I take in and treasure,
Because it is what I like to hear,

She takes my hand,
And through the crowds,
We walk,
But this I know won’t last for long,

As soon as I feel I can hold on,
Her hand lets go of mine,
As eyes look on,
I cannot feel my hand in hers,

For that moment you held my hand,
It gave me hope that you feel,
Something like I feel for you,

But because you truly love him,
Nothing can be acted upon,
So that hope I hold onto,
Will be forever in my mind,
Never ever letting go.

6. ‘Do I walk over?’

He’s waiting for me,
To speak to me,
What is he going to say?

I don’t think I should go over,
It’s late and I don’t think its right,

But I must go over,
As if I don’t,
He will think that I don’t care,
But do I care?
Yes, yes I do,

What is he going to say?
Or even do?

Pushing through the crowds,
I make it to the other side,
I don’t know where he is,
The message said by the door,
I push further through the crowds,

I see him,
Now what to expect I don’t quite know,

I walk over and he smiles at me,
I ask if he is ok,
Responding he says very little,

After every thought that I just had,
Nothing is said,
That was the chance he had to speak out,
But he froze,
Even after the courage he had to get me here,
The words evaded him,

But I went over to see him,
So I must have wanted to hear what he had to say,
He had his chance to say what he thought,
I wanted to hear his words.

7. ‘I know she loves him, but I adore you’

I know she loves him,
I know she loves him,

But I adore you,
I feel comfortable with you,
I can be like me,

I know she loves him,
I know she loves him,

My mind is listening,
But I just don’t want to listen,

So don’t say anything more,
Because what I have,
I cannot compete with him,

I know she loves him,
I know she loves him,

That’s why she is with him,
And not with me,
Not with me,
Not with me,
Not with me,

I know she loves him,
I know she loves him,

How I can’t feel any other way,
I adore you,
I adore you,
I just adore you.

8. ‘Time I went over’

Why are you speaking to her,
Just by yourselves,
It all looks very serious,

He’s leaning in,
Telling her sweet nothings,
She’s smiling, laughing,

He now places his hand on her back,
Gently stroking it,
He shouldn’t be doing that,

Time I went over,
Smiles greet me,
But I’ve interrupted something,

Time for us to leave,
I walk away with my love on my arm,
And it is not for you to be a part of this.

9. ‘ I know this lifetime isn’t for us, So maybe in the next one’

I know she won’t bring up the conversation,
Of the words I spoke to you,
To show you what it is that lay upon my heart,

So it is up to me to decide,
If and when it should be brought up again,
I hold the key to whether it will be ever spoken of again,
Yet my voice has become frozen and distant,
Therefore I look on and speak quietly,

I will always pay you compliments,
Whenever I get the chance,
But to speak to you without other eyes looking in,
Will never occur again in my lifetime,

The thoughts and feelings I have for you,
I have tried to let you know,
They lie deep with the heart,
Yet I know this lifetime isn’t for us,

So maybe in the next one,
The next lifetime,
We could try and be as one,
As this will be a while away,
I will wait patiently for you,
Hoping that you will do the same for me.

10. ‘I thought that you were looking at me’

I thought that you were looking at me,
However it turned out you were looking at him,
How I should have known,
Because it is he that you love and look that way towards,

For I always look in that way at you,
But I don’t think you very rarely notice me,
And when you do it seems it is not always so comfortable,

I honestly thought you were looking at me,
And if you were I am sure you didn’t expect me,

Keep looking at him as he loves you,
A life blessed and together you will grow old,

For the older we get,
The younger I wish I could be again,
To be at the right place at the right time,
So that we could meet from day one,

I thought that you were looking at me,
In a way that I always look at you,
But you were looking at him,
And there is nothing I can do,
To make you look the other way.

11. ‘The feelings he has for me’

Does he think his life is better,
For telling me that he has feelings for me?
I don’t think he truly thought it through,
With everything in life that he as to risk,

Yet if he risks all that for me,
The feelings he has for me,
Must be bloody strong,
Otherwise why would it be said?

His silence often worries me,
He looks as if he wants to talk,
But somehow doesn’t know how,

One hopes he doesn’t mention it again,
Those feelings he has aren’t for here,
But I should do something,
To make sure that he is well,

Does he think his life is better,
For telling me his feelings,
Because they aren’t welcome here,
For I am in love,
Happily I am.

12. ‘Sitting side by side’

Sitting side by side,
They are closer now,
Than they have ever been,

I look on thinking that he should be me,
As I think that,
He pushes her hair behind her ear,
Leaning in and kissing her gently upon her lips,

Surrounded by people,
I cannot shed a tear right now,
But my heart sinks deeper,
Deeper the more I look on,

I break away from where I stare,
People surround me,
But I do not wait to speak,
I place my drink upon the table,
Walk away from everything I have seen,

Leaving behind the feelings I have,
As I know now that it will not be me,
Who has the life with you,
As that chance has gone,
And that I shouldn’t feel this way about you,

I will need time away from here,
To think straight again,
And to try and forget about you,

Forget? Impossible,
Maybe time to keep walking,
As when I see you,
Unknown to you,
I find my heart in my hands,
Ready to give to you.

13. ‘Where has that smile gone’

Where has that smile gone,
He always use to smile,
Make a joke to make me smile,
But now it has all gone,

Rare to see that smile,
And when it is seen,
It somehow makes me warm inside,

Please smile again,
What can I do to bring it back?
I know you’d like me to say,
That I have something to share,
But that just won’t be possible,

Smile again,
And the world won’t seem so bad,
I am here ready for your smile,
To hear your laughter just once more,

Don’t hide what joy you have,
Because it will keep you going,
Make you feel better each and every day,

Where has that smile gone,
Please don’t say that it is with me,
Because you know I can’t show,
What you feel to me,
Back to you in equal measures,

Smile once again,
Starting tomorrow,
As today is done,
And we restart again tomorrow.

14. ‘On the end of the message’

Another message,



Must have had a drink,
He’s very complimentary,

Phone vibrates. a new message,


He wants me to meet him,

ignore, delete.

After time to think,

I should reply after what I read,

reply, Diffuse the situation,

Phone switched to silent,

New message – phone lights up,



It’s late and words written,
He cannot surely mean,

When the morning light arrives,
I will,



And see what he has to say with a straight mind,

Because if what is written,

Is true,

I must find out more.

15. ‘As I walk in the room she doesn’t look at me’

As I walk in the room,
I see myself from a different view,
I see the room as I’d like it to be,

As I walk in the room,
She doesn’t look at me,
I look around and I say hi to everyone,
But somehow it takes sometime,
To catch your eye,

Sometimes even I feel,
I need to jump up and down,
Right in front of you,
Just to get you to turn your head,
Just to say hello,

I walked in the room,
In anticipation of seeing you,
Because there is no one I would rather see,
When I walk into that room,
Than you,
But some days just feel cold,
When I don’t or even can’t talk to you,

I’m not sure if you don’t look at me,
Because I have hurt you in some way,
Made you annoyed at what I say,

Each time I walk in the room,
I arrive with hope,
But more often than not,
Leave with an empty heart,
And each time it never changes,
I only want to talk to you,
As one human to another,

As I walk into the room,
I only hope to see you.

16. ‘Never given in’

I bet you’ve never given in,
To your thoughts and mind,
Knowing that is what is true,
Only yet to live in this world,
As a person that just carries on,

I’m sorry I tried to show you,
What I believe in and why,
I know that you know,
What it is that makes me tick,
But please,
Just smile at me,
Let me know I am in your eyes,

Even for a glimpse,
Give in to your thoughts,
Tell me if what I feel,
Is oh so wrong of me,

I gave in to my mind,
Telling you my thoughts,
Not regretting what I said,
But I see you speak to you,
And you knowing you know,
Makes me ever wonder,
Would you give in,
And tell me your thoughts,
Even if it were to break my heart,

I bet you’ve never given in,
As you have never needed to,
And with a strong mind,
You know what is true to you.

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