‘Daffodils’ – Volume 24 by Poet Jordan

Poet Jordan Volume 24.jpg


  1. I walked into my own world, only to be greeted by reality
  2. i lost myself in a dancing world to where i danced next to you
  3. Being a poet means a human is behind every thought
  4. I walked along and I saw you, you were once stood in front of me
  5. I write to you in a time of need, a need for you to show me if you love me
  6. The view from the hill is forever in the mind to remember you
  7. The wind and rain hit me hard but I stayed on my feet to get to you
  8. The world didn’t want me to be by your side to keep you safe, so I dreamt of laying next to you
  9. Do you dare to care to show what you feel inside your heart and mind? Raise your hand high.
  10. Remembering where you stood for the first time I saw your face
  11. Giving up is not an option as this world deserved to be lived in and not forgotten
  12. Nothing has ever fitted into that space (they call my heart) as well as you have
  13. You make me want to come out of hiding and shout to the world that you are beautiful
  14. Snow covered the ground but I would walk anywhere to be with you
  15. Having those memories in the mind that no one else can remember
  16. Like a line of angels they come from the ground to give hope

1 I walked into my own world, only to be greeted by reality

As I walked along the path next to the road,
I could hear the silence of the countryside,
Only broken by the noise of a few singing birds,

My mind was in a better place,
More peaceful than like any other day,
I had nothing but myself for company,

No telephone to glance at,
No music to distract the mind,
It was just me and the walking,

A time to forget everything,
Just for a moment or two,
Time to inspire myself,
Into something new,

I turned the corner,
And reality was there,
Waiting for me to come back,
Like it always does,

Not even a ‘hello’,
Reality just waiting there,
Like it was inevitable,
Knowing I would be back,

Another walk into my own world,
I wanted to stay here,
Just for an extra moment,
But my feet carried me forwards,
It just seemed like there wasn’t time to stay,

From a better place the mind was,
Reality was waiting for me around the corner,

Until the next time,
My walking place that be so peaceful,
Reality we will live and walk through,
To get to the places we want to be.

2 i lost myself in a dancing world to where i danced next to you

i lost myself,
by dancing,
next to you,
because i thought,
you would see me,
be me,
because i am not often,

the vibe was good,
the mood was sound,
this was my moment,

it lasted no longer,
than the evening that day,
i lost myself,
because the restless mind,
let go for just once in a while,

i look back,
i know what i thought,
yet the world went on,
descending into normality,

the mind i am,
the mind that i have,
i cannot be forget things forever more,
as i always know where i should be,
by dancing next to you,
in that world i keep alive,
for just a little longer,
for just one more glimpse of hope.

3 Being a poet means a human is behind every thought

Being a poet is a mindset,
I am who I still am,
I just write what I think,
Even what I wish to think,

I write what I believe,
Is written in my own words,
Even using a little artistic flare,

You could interview me,
Or the poet that is me,
The answers will remain similar,

I am a human behind the poetry,
Sharing my thoughts,
Letting you know feelings,
I would never just talk to you about,

Being a poet,
Makes no difference to who I am,
I am the same person,
You see when the day breaks,
To the person that closes their eyes,
When I fall asleep after the working day,

If I knew it would be this hard,
To be a so called poet,
I may have thought more,
Before picking up the pen again,

The human behind the writing,
Writes because he wants to write,
Because he believes he can be good,
Even if it may take some time.

4 I walked along and I saw you, you were once stood in front of me

I use to look forward and see you,
Now I look back and I don’t see anyone,

I walked passed you without even knowing,
That I had seen you as I walked on,

I just kept on going to wherever I was heading,
Even now I don’t even know where that was,

I can’t even remember if I caught the look in your eye,
The one I once gave everything to see at every time I could,

I came to the end of the path I walked along,
You were not there for me to talk to,

I would have sworn you would be there,
To see me as much as I wanted to see you,

I looked up and saw nothing but open space,
And I really thought you would be there,

I had walked and passed you without knowing,
Something I thought that I would never do.

5 I write to you in a time of need, a need for you to show me if you love me

I wrote to you in a time of need,
When I needed someone to be next to me,

I wrote what was causing my mind,
To be all out of sorts with the world still moving,

In a time of need I needed someone to be by me,
So I wrote to you to be aware of what I thought,

I wrote to you something so special,
Something that was meant to last a lifetime,

I had waited a lifetime to write what I thought,
And this I chose to be the moment I would share what I had written

My writing was a call of help as I was in need of you,
I wrote to you thinking that you would reply with an answer,

But all I got was the silence of the wind,
With no message from you I had no choice but to fly away,

I still write to you yet do not send my thoughts and heart,
The words they pile up as if they were in neglect,

I just can’t write to you no more like I use to do,
As more silence from what I thought would be joyous love,
Would hurt the heart and the soul as it writes but is just not read,

In a time of need I write to myself as if I was calling out to you,
There was no response from a letter of love penned as a gift,
Love never shared as I never knew if you loved me,
And I shall never write again to you as the world moves on,
Into another era of life we just live without ever saying anything.

6 The view from the hill is forever in the mind to remember you

From the hills above,
I see the view of the county,
I see where I grew up,
From a child to man,

I have travelled far from here,
Yet this place I see in front,
Always remains number one in my heart,

Seeing the place where I fell in love,
Heart stolen as a young soul,
I thought the love then would be oh so simple,
Love of the earth I see and the love of life I have,

I breathe in filling the lungs with the fresh air that surrounds me,
I could scream as loud as my lungs would let me,
Yet I don’t think anyone would hear me if they would listen,
As I would then have to say why I scream so loudly,

From up here in the hills,
I feel safe from the wider world,
With all its pain and glory it has to offer,
I see a different world to which I am in love,

Every time I step up here,
I see you walk across the land,
Holding your head higher than I could ever,

When I am away from the hills in a distant place,
I close my eyes and I see the world from the hills,
Where I fell in love and I could see you wherever you were,
No place was more magical than here,
Yet we never walked here as two people,
Never holding hands as we climbed,

Wherever you are in relation to wherever I am,
I may never know as lives are lead in parallel lines,
Yet I know I can see the view and you that I love,
If I close my eyes if I cannot walk up to the top of the hill,
And I see what I always wish I could see in life that is real,

And whenever I am here above the county I live,
I breathe the air and remember where I fell in love below,
A simple sweet reminder,
That life is good looking back as it is forwards.

7 The wind and rain hit me hard but I stayed on my feet to get to you

The wind blows me sideways,
Yet somehow I still know which way to go,
The gale that blows is strong,
The rain hits my face hard and hurtful,

I battle on as I face the wind, the rain, the pain,
My quads battle the force,
Keeping me on my feet,
Wind like this I have never felt,
Rain relentless as ever that it is,
Yet today it falls like nails hitting the ground,

Pushing me sideways was a force known as nature,
Nature will always eventually win,
No matter how hard we try to fight against it,
The rain came and the winter wind blew,
But I knew which way I had to go,
How I knew this I did not know yet I just knew,

I fell to the floor as my legs gave way,
The water soaked ground and slippery mud,
Tried to take me down as I tried to get to you,
But I knew my heart was strong,
Strong enough to get back up,
To fight the weather nature threw at me,

As I clambered through the trees,
The sudden silence of the rain,
The howling wind,
Had once again passed by,
The sun shone as the clouds flew past,
It was like nothing had ever happened,

I stood and stared at the changing view,
But not for long as this is the time to make progress,
I walked across the sodden land,
The wind tried but failed to stop me,
The rain slowed my progress,
But I knew which way to go to get to you,
I know what it means to get to you,
Just to be next to you side by side,

Through whatever weather may be thrown at me,
I will stand and fight to get to you,
Each and every time,
I will walk a little further to get to you.

8 The world didn’t want me to be by your side to keep you safe, so I dreamt of laying next to you

I dreamt that you’d be in bed next to me,
We’d share our hearts desires with one another,
Saving the world as we lay next to each other,

What we could have been with the world at our feet,
Is one happy evolving world of love and laughter,

Everytime I think of you in a happier place,
I wish that you were next to me,
Just you and I together to save the world,

Either looking up at the sky at the break of day,
Watching the shooting stars in a foreign land,
Or quite simply sat next to you on a bus,
We’d be next to each other as I always dreamt,

At any of those moments we could share our hearts,
Our thoughts to what makes you and I smile at each other,
To figure out what makes our skin tingle when you and I touch one another,

I could have saved the world with you by my side,
Kept the people we trust and love safe from the sometimes uncertain world,

Instead I dream of you and I laying next to each other,
In a field full of grass looking up at the uninterrupted blue sky,
Or laying next to one another in bed with endless smiles,

We are a small part of a huge revolving world,
Yet I can only think of you in my dreams.

9 Do you dare to care to show what you feel inside your heart and mind? Raise your hand high.

Put your hand up if you care,
If you dare to care,
I dare you to put your hand up,
Show that you care for who I am,

To dare myself to show I care,
Is too easy as I know you know,
That I feel so strong for you,
I care for you like you know I do,

Without any dare in the world big enough,
For me not to show how much I care and love for you,
All I can ask is do you dare to share any love you have?

Ask your heart and your mind do you care,
Because I dare you to hold your hand high,
Higher than anyone else to show that you care,
Hold it high so everyone can see,
If not just for me to see that you care,

If I were to be dared to raise my hand,
A constantly raised arm would be aloft,
Simply because I care for you so much,
I dare not hide these thoughts and feelings,
As they may never be cared for in the same way.

10 Remembering where you stood for the first time I saw your face

I remember the corner you stood,
Where I first saw your face in the morning light,
The day was at dawn,
The dawn of something new,

First seeing your face that day,
Changed the way I was to be,
For the rest of my life,

I remember the corner that you stood,
As that is where I fell in love, instantly,

I look back and remember the day,
You first appeared in my vision,
As I looked out from a moving window,

I never knew you could remember a place,
An exact moment you saw and felt something new,
For it to turn out that it was love I felt inside,
At the drop of a hat a new world had been opened,

That dawn of that day is one place to remember,
A place in history that for somehow has remained a key point in life,
Never will I turn another corner and see what I saw that day,
Feel that one moment in my heart where I knew something new,

From that day until this very day,
I still see where you were stood on that corner,
Out of the darkness of night came the daylight of dawn,
The light that day I could only image would last a lifetime,

On the darker days of life that are ahead,
I look back to the light you gave that day,
I shine it on darker days that come and go,
And the light from then makes today a whole better place,

That light be the love I fell for instantly,
Where then I did not know,
You would guide me and show me light to this day,
Yet you may not know that I remember that dawn, that day,

I would give a thousand dreams away if I could go back,
Awake that morning and feel everything just once more,
See that view I did on that morning dawn that inspired a lifetime of light,

It was a dawn of something new that day,
And to this day it will always be with me,
From the start of each day until to the end when the light has gone,
I close my eyes at night and the new day brings another dawn,
Just not another dawn like that one day I will always remember.

11 Giving up is not an option as this world deserved to be lived in and not forgotten

I said to myself,
I cannot give up,

This is where I am,
This is how far I have come,

I may never believe again,
In what I think is right,

May this moment pass so soon,
As I said to myself,

I cannot give up,

Because you are now gone,
A distant memory,
Yet a distant memory I love and adore,

A moment in passing,
Lasted all day,
Thoughts circulating,
Around the mind and soul,

I know a thought is all but brief,
But have you tried to forget something so important?

I cannot give up,
As I would be giving up on myself,
This time and now is where I live,

The world may not understand me,
But here I am tying to believe in myself,
Show you the thoughts and ways that I am,

A moment in passing is something not to be taken lightly,
As the mind works in mysterious ways,
To which a lifetime would be require to explain every detail,
So therefore I cannot give up,

I will not give up.

12 Nothing has ever fitted into that space (they call my heart) as well as you have

I remember more about you than you do of me,
Because you had a longer lasting memory on me,
Than I obviously did of you,

That is why I can’t go to sleep at night,
Thinking of where you are and what you feel,
How can I lay here and think of you,
When I even doubt you remember who I am,
And more importantly where I fitted into your life,

Because you are remembered by me,
As I remember exactly where you fit into my life,
To the exact millimetre I remember where you fit,
And nothing from that day has ever fitted since,

That place that they say is my heart,
Is shaped just for you as always has been,
Nothing ever fitting that shape of the heart as well as you did,

For an everlasting effect on me you certainly did that,
With many moments now passed I feel I didn’t serve you well,
As this may be the reason why I didn’t last upon your memory,

A shape to be filled is one to be searched for in life,
But when it has been found and ultimately lost again,
What does that shape do other than change shape to accommodate something else that fits inside,
Like a square peg in a round hole it fits but not quite right,

For an everlasting effect you will have,
More so than I guess that I had upon a life once loved,
Yet the heart learns and loves into new ways,
And new shapes that fit and work well are moulded,
Into the space they call the heart.

13 You make me want to come out of hiding and shout to the world that you are beautiful

You make me want to come out of where I hide,
I see the joy that you bring to the world,
And for once I feel like I can come out and be apart of it,

I hide from the world that doesn’t quite get me,
Forever not knowing if anyone will listen to what I have to say,
Hiding is easier than coming out from where I am,

When I see you it is a different person I feel inside,
The confidence grows and stretches out to you,
I feel I no longer need to hide from the world,

Just as I get the motivation to move from where I am,
You are suddenly gone once more and out of sight you are,
I feel lost and alone so there is only one thing that I know what to do,
That is to hide from the world as you are not there to tempt me out,

Where did you go and where did the encouragement leave me to go?
For I hide I feel from myself some days,
It is a state of mind that is hurting the life that I lead,

Yet somehow you make me forget that state of mind,
I venture out of my hiding place into the world where you make me feel safe and sound,
Like a fish venturing from its burrow or its anemone,
I am slow and cautious as I do not know what I will find,

Never do I feel like shouting out to the world,
As I never venture from where I hide myself from the world in itself,
But you make me want to come out of that lonely place,
And SHOUT to the world that you are beautiful,

However I am cautious as I do not know how you would react to such a statement,
For you are beautiful and I am not afraid to say as I am sure you have heard it before,
But the reaction and action you might take from my words is one I may not be so optimistic about,

So I approach with silence and grace hoping that I even get a slight smile from your gracious face,
Through my mind I am saying those words but in the reality of it all I’ll just be polite and listen,
An exchange of words means more to me that anything else,
As I know if I told you deep down what I thought and felt for you,
I would need to hide away for such a time it would be too long to forget the rejection of my words,
As I cannot see any other answer as I have no confidence to believe that you feel the same way as I,

I will hide once more with many a thought to what goes on in your world,
With my heart ready for you if you ever need it and I will wait and see if you do,
For now the only person that I can be to you is a friend and a friend to help if in need,
No one else makes me want to come out from where I hide,
As I hide with no confidence until you shine some light into my world.

14 Snow covered the ground but I would walk anywhere to be with you

Notice the footprints in the snow as you walk along,
You look back and they are the prints that you have left,
There are no other footprints as I walk up the slope to the top of the hill,
The snow covers the ground and the ground is cold,

The wind blows but there is just silence upon the hill,
With no other soul in my presence I walk alone along a snow covered path,
Crunch the snow goes as I walk along and deeper it gets as I climb further up the hill,

As I reach the top there is not much of a view to which I am disappointed I have to say,
The clouds are low and the visibility is poor but this doesn’t stop me thinking of what is below,
The wind buffs and blows me as I readjust my feet to stand strong in the snow,

For I know today you won’t be following me up the hill,
The weather today is stronger than any love or feelings you have for me,
If you cared for me or loved me you would follow me to the end of the earth if need be,
My tracks lay in the snow for you to follow but I just know today that will not happen,

I wait for a while with no view to see and nothing to inspire me to stay just a little longer,
The wind has blown and my tracks are now covered in snow once more,

The moments I have spent here have helped me to think just a little bit more,
For the effort and love I put into showing you what you mean to me,
I cannot and will not show no more as this is the time I believe is the end of this journey,

I look back across the snow covered land as this would be the last time for a while I’d be here,
With the footsteps I created now snow covered I descend on the same track as best I can,
Although it did not matter as I just want to get lost forever as I felt cold and confused,

As I made my way along the path the wind dropped through the trees,
The tracks I left were not as covered as nearer the top,
I then noticed a second set of foot prints that had just stopped from going up the hill,
A circular pattern was left as if that person had turned around,
And so I noticed more footsteps from that point onwards,
However they weren’t to ascend up the hill,

My heart was racing and my mind over working, thinking what this could be,
We were in a lonely land and not many others would be here now,
Was it you that had started to climb to see me, but for some reason had just turned around?

I stepped up my pace and followed the tracks that has just been left by whoever walked them,
Through the trees and into another field I saw someone in the distance as a dark shadow,
The clouds were still low and the wind swept across the field,
I called out but the wind took my voice away before it could get anywhere near to you,
If it was even you I was calling out to,

With my heart racing even more and the adrenaline pumping I ran, I ran fast,
Across the field I flew with a few stumbles and I couldn’t go any quicker,
I shouted as much as I could but the air couldn’t get into my lungs any faster,

I get to the edge of the field and scramble through the gate and I lost all sign of the track,
The track has turned to mud and snow with no sign to where they had gone,
I shouted once more in the hope of someone would hear as I didn’t even know if it was you,

Out of the fog came a figure, a figure I very much recognised,
Still out of breathe I couldn’t believe my eyes as it was you who stood there,
You had made it so far to see me at the top of the hill,
Why did she turn back and miss the chance to talk to me?

With so many questions left unanswered I feel this was not the end,
Or it may not even be the start of anything that I truly feel could be real,

For I was not cold anymore as the run and adrenaline had warmed me up,
And to see you now and here I feel warmer inside than ever before,
I took her hand and held her close to which felt right on every level,

The questions I had for her were not best asked in the cold snow,
The weather was coming in and I felt we should head off the hill into somewhere warmer,
Where we could talk and find the answers we were searching for,
And to hear what you had to say as I was in the dark on so many things,

From the silence of the hills to snow covered tracks,
I knew I’d be with you today and find the one that means the most to me,

As when we walk of the hill I am unsure to what will be between us,
But we walk off the hill together hand in hand,
And this for me is the start of something special.

15 Having those memories in the mind that no one else can remember

All those years remembered in the mind,
The moments that I find difficult to forget,
Those are the moments that are there forever,
Whether I like it or not these are the memories of life,

And when a person from the memory is seen, remembered, pondered,
Spoken or thought about after many years and moments later,
You realise that they don’t remember what you do about them,

How they didn’t remember what you thought were everlasting moments,
Those moments you had to build your beliefs on,
Even building your life on to which has made the person you are today,

How the years have for some been longer and more fulfilling it would seem,
Memories moved on and others moved into nothing they become,
When I speak to what is now a lost memory from times gone by,
I realise you remember nothing that I do,
Nothing of me and why you were in my heart and mind,

The heart may sink from this moment forwards,
But at least I remembered you for all the joy you brought to me,

For I am a distant figure in your life which doesn’t surprise after time passed,
And nothing will bring those memories back to life that I still remember, still love,
No matter how much I try to relive those special moments,
It is time to let go and find new memories to hold onto,

However there will always be a part of me that wants to remember,
Never forgetting those moments in life that people gave to you,
Even if they don’t remember or admit to remembering those times,

So the moment passes where I thought we could relive those special times,
Even relove briefly to how we once were and how we felt,

The mind has remembered many occasions over the many years,
It will always remember if no other memory does,
Times to look back upon and share if ever the chance,

Until then the memories will be stored as keep sakes,
Times to look back and smile upon,
And if the moment ever passes by when I see a memory from days gone by,
Remember them as in that memory,
As now they probably would have all but forgotten what the memory meant to them, even to me.

16 Like a line of angels they come from the ground to give hope

Like a line of angels coming out of the ground,
That time of year is here again once again,
As the green leaves push from the ground,
The sunshine beams down to encourage their growth,
New life is beginning once again,

The days go by and each day I walk past a gathering of daffodils,
Taller they become and the buds spread wide open,
Wider each day as the sun shines or the rain falls,
As if we were stretching after a nights sleep,
The distinctive daffodil comes alive once more,

At this time of year there is nothing greater to see,
Across the countryside after the winter woes,
Than the simple yet delightful daffodil waking up,

The wind gently blows the line of daffodils,
As they spread their petals like wings,
Or someone just standing in the wind,
Taking in their surroundings and enjoying the moment,

The daffodils may not be here for long,
Yet after the winter it brings new hope,
Hope for the year ahead,
Just when it’s needed,
To get through the day, the month, the year,

Like a line of angels,
They are here to give hope,
Fresh new hope we all sometimes need,

So when you walk past a line of daffodils,
Remember they won’t be here for long,
Appreciate what bright hope they bring,
And when they’re gone,
They aren’t completely gone,
Remember they’ll be back again,
To one day bring more hope when it’s needed,

Like a line of angels coming out of the ground,
We look to them for hope and inspiration.

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