The End of the Year – 2016 Photographs

Throughout 2016 I have taken hundreds (if not thousands) of photographs which has inspired me to write thousands of words of poetry. Although there are still a few days left in the year, here are the photographs I have enjoyed most this year.

All the pictures I put on my Instagram I like (otherwise I wouldn’t share them), but these are the few for me that have captured 2016. I could have added a lot more but these are the few I feel are the best of what I have captured this year.

The year started off with a foggy walk up May Hill, Gloucestershire. An eerie place when foggy and the views from here are spectacular, however the day I chose to go up here was very foggy.  Disappointed in not seeing the views but it turned out that I captured this photograph. It gives me a sense of calm among the trees.

No year goes by without several trips to Coopers Hill. Coming over a mound to see this view I couldn’t capture it quick enough. With my wife in the corner it is full of beauty.

A cold February day but the walk was worth every step and grateful for my daughter to walk all the way up the hill.

When I first took this photograph I didn’t know how well it actually looked.  A morning in March with my daughter we had some time to walk around the docks.

I remember spotting this shot but didn’t think I’d captured it how I thought I would, but after getting home I knew I found a winner of a photograph. The docks and the cathedral of Gloucester are a couple of my favourite places to see. I have to day this is one of my favourite photos of the year but second in place.

Haresfield beacon: A lunchtime walk to see some views as it escapes the mind from the working day and time to find some inspiration.

The light over the hills makes this one of my favourites of the year.

Maybe a morbid photograph in some ways but there’s something about this photograph. I named this ‘A place to rest’ and has inspired a few poems.

A view like this would be a place I’d like to rest when the time comes, but for now the views inspire me more and more.

My daughter walked all the way up Robinswood Hill with her school bear as we went on an adventure. She sat down with the the bear next to her and instantly I knew this would be a cover of the next volume of poetry work.

Majorca in May. This piece of artwork captured my mind instantly when I first saw it. It has just been installed as we walked past so we were some of the very first people to see it.

The doors to the sea to which the sea filled the mind with fresh air to write.

Majorca boat trip: The boat we were on had a glass bottom so this is why I had a chance to take this photograph. After many takes and feeling seasick I got the shot I was after.

Seeing below the surface shows that there is a lot more to see.

Another from a walk up Coopers Hill. At this point along the walk you can follow the stone wall to reach the top.

The light, depth and colours of the photograph captures the beauty I like to see.

In August the sun was setting low on the beach at Burnham-on-sea.

Racing down to the beach just before my fish and chips as I knew the light wouldn’t be there after I’d eaten.

Charmouth Beach, Dorest in November.

Possibly (my favourite and) the photograph I keep looking back at most in recent times. The power and the beauty of the sea, with my daughter looking out I can only think that she has the world at her feet.

This is a moment captured, a real life moment where I see so much in life and life to be lived.

Taken very recently the light of this photograph makes me include it in one of the best of the year. A very cold crisp day on the way to work – I took several versions whilst getting colder and colder.

I feel the cold of the day has been captured in this photograph.

I’m hoping 2017 will being many more chances to capture the beauty and light of the world.

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