A song for the children of Syria – supporting War Child (Alfie Jackson – The Last Holiday)

I’ve written a couple of poems on the Syria devastation and I came across this song today by Alfie Jackson – The Last Holiday. The song and video says it all so have a listen:

Here are the couple of poems I wrote, with reference to the boy found in the sea, the same as in the video. A heart wrenching topic, especially at this time of year.

‘By the Sea’

By the sea
A refugee
Lay bare

A life
Needlessly taken

By the sea
A life ended
And a body picked up
With a heavy heart

By the sea
We see the cost
Of what people do
To flee what was
Once their home

As we look
At our posh tv screens
In our warmth filled homes
We stop to think
About the human misery
Yet we never think
That this would happen to us
So how do we let this
Happen to them.

‘the boy in the red seat’

the boy in the red seat
has done nothing wrong
he wiped eye covered in blood
upon the seat where he sat
scared, confused & frightened

the same as the boy in the sea
had done nothing wrong
but he ended his life
in the arms in a man
dead upon the shore of the sea

when will it stop?

the pain
the suffering

when will it stop?


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