From the archive: ‘Let Me Be’, ‘If I’ & ‘To You I Love’

From the archive of Volume 1 here is ‘Let me be’, ‘If I’ & ‘To You I Love’

Let Me Be

Let me be your husband to be,
I will never love anyone more.

Hold your head high,
for everyone to see,
that we are to be

You are so special to me,
Let me be your husband to be.
Who will take you away from me?

I will never let you go,
love me as I love you,
Let me be your husband to be.

If I…

If I…
If I die tomorrow,
Remember one thing for me,
These poems were inspired by you,
Written for you,
You are the cause for all these poems,

If I…
If I leave this place I live,
To go far away from you,
I will remember you forever,

If I…
If I never tell you what I feel right now,
If I never get a chance to tell you,
Pick out every good part of each poem I’ve written,
And remember that’s written about you,
Or inspired by you,

If I…
If I die tomorrow,
I want you to know,
I love you,

If I…
If I…
Never get a chance to spend the night with you,
Go on holiday with you,
See you in all your glory you have so much of,
I will be thinking of you always,

If I…
If I ever leave you,
It won’t be because I want to,
I never want to leave you!

To You I Love

To you I love,
The one and only,
The joy I have with you,
The feelings I have for you,
Feelings of closeness,
Feelings of trust,

I am lucky,
Lucky to have a love like you,
Every time I see you,
I feel funny,
I smile because I’m happy,
When I’m quiet,
I’m thinking of us,
Us as two people in love,

When I’m talking to you,
I talk to you from the heart,
You are my love,
The love I have for you,
I can’t explain,
It’s too nice to talk about,
Words will never explain it,

I love you,
I feel so much for you,
I say this with all my heart.

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