A look back at ‘Walking in the Hills’, ‘Countryside’ & ‘1909’ from volume 3.

A look back at three poems from Volume 3.


Walking in the Hills

Everything feels right today to head out into the hills
The crisp air is nice walking weather
The sunlight is just right
The stillness of the winter air makes for a calm walk

Making the ascent can be hard work
One wonders why sometimes we do this for fun
The excitement of walking is a strange for one to understand

But the smell of the air
The challenge that is ahead
Makes for a determined day out

Out of breath you reach the top
But the views that lie before you
Are worth every step and breath you took
Hard work is eventually paid off

Nothing can beat the view from which you stand
It’s Gods natural beauty that lays before you
Use your mind you capture the image
Take in everything around you
This short moment will inspire so much

Yet the time for the descent comes too quickly
Heading from the view you worked so hard to reach
When you look back upon your day
You will remember that imagine in your mind
The effort you put in to reach it and capture it

The beauty that you saw today
Is only be comparable with one other thing
And that is you.


Driving on a hot summers day through the countryside
With the wind blowing through your hair
You close your eyes & forget all the problems in the world
The sun’s rays beat down upon your skin
Invigorating the mind to let go

As you drive along you sit back and enjoy the laughter
Laughter that has been missing for so long
The countryside flying by through the windy roads
Occasionally brushing the countryside hedges as we drove

The countryside opens up into a wide view of the valleys
Stopping the car for a moment to take in the view
The view that stretches for so far on a clear day

The silence of the countryside renews your energy levels
The sun’s rays fill you with confidence again
The smell of the countryside reminds you of the good times

After taking in the view the journey begins again
Driving through the countryside to places to inspire the mind.


One day a young lady caught my eye
She was all dressed up in a beautiful evening gown
I admired her from afar
Only for her to catch my eye
She shied away as I took off my hat and smiled

After tidying my waist coat and jacket
I then donned my hat to make my way over to speak to her
She was softly spoken with a gracious smile
I couldn’t remove my eyes from her beautiful face

As the bustling people past us in the street
It did not matter who were to pass
As we spoke as if we were all alone in the ballroom

I asked if we could meet again
As brief as we spoke for I was encapsulated by you
To my surprise the young lady said yes
Yet I did not know what to say next

She spoke so quickly and said to see her again
But I had to ask how and where
She replied at her place of work

A new venture she had embarked upon
A new era of shopping apparently

I said I would see her again soon
But that day could not come quick enough
She smiled and shyly walked away
I waved goodbye waving my hat within the air
The smile upon my face is one I’d never felt before

Within this era I knew she was someone special
Someone with a heart of gold and determination of a modern lady
All I could think from that moment is that I’d like to run to the hills with you
Run to the hills hand in hand
Leave the bustling world behind
To walk upon the hills and talk of times gone past
With only the future to create
So many dreams within such a short amount of time

When we met again it was in the ballroom hand in hand
Gracefully dancing across the floor
The music played and we spoke for hours

The beauty in your eyes I could not place anywhere else but within my heart

The final dance approached and we graced the floor for the final time
As the final song of the evening came to an end
And as a gentleman
I asked I could be kind enough to kiss you goodnight
For all the hope in the world she accepted my proposal
A perfect ending to a sublime evening
As a gentleman I walked her home to make sure she was home safe and sound
The smile upon our faces we could not move
Such happiness.

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