A few favourites from Volume 5: ‘Confidence’, ‘Fading Memory (Dementia)’ & ‘River’s Edge’

A few favourites from my collection of poetry, available to read in full here: Volume 5


Can be rocked like a boat,
Float like boat,
Even sink like a boat,

I’m not saying confidence is a boat,
But it certainly acts a lot like one.

Fading Memory (Dementia)

When the memory starts to fade,
I worry I won’t remember you,
For all the love I have for you now,
One day my memory will fade,
Forgetting you,
And all I ever said,

If there was one face I could remember,
When everything becomes all confusing,
It would be yours,
To see the glow you bring,
The joy you bring into my heart,

I fear losing the memories of you,
Losing the love I have,
And not remembering the good times,

What happens if my memory fades tomorrow?
I wouldn’t remember today,
And what I have written about you,
Every word written from the heart,

As much as I can write,
I cannot capture the feelings I have,
The feelings to which made me love you,
The words I write give no justice to you,
The memories you have given me,
Or the inspiration you provide,

If there was one face I could remember,
When I become confused,
It would be yours of course,
The joy you bring into my heart,
Sometimes words seem so familiar,
My memory forgets what I have written,
It’s like I’ve written them before in some way,

Until my memory fades,
I will look at you,
Look at a picture of you,
Engraving it upon my memory,
So one day I hope I will never forget you.

River’s Edge

Let’s go down to the river’s edge,
See the water lap against the sandy shore,
Skim stones across the water,
Breathe in the summer air,
Fill our minds with e fresh air we crave,

Down at the river’s edge,
We laugh,
Hold hands,
Sit on the sandy shore,
Looking out at the calm water,
For as far as we can see,

The perfect moment to share our thoughts,
Talking deep into topics I never thought I would talk about,

The water lapping continuously,
But the sight and sound never become boring,

Down at the river’s edge,
I fall in love with you,
Never ever wanting to leave,
Leave the sandy shore,
Never mind leaving you,

The sandy shore,
The lapping waves,
The beautiful views,
The perfect company,
Times like these should be never ending,

From the corner of my eye I see a small boat,
Two ores,
Sitting upon the river’s edge,
Times like these don’t have to end just yet,

Hand in hand we climb into the boat,
Rowing out onto the calm waters,
Rowing towards the sunset.

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