‘The closet place to heaven I could be’ & ‘One lump or two?’ from Volume 6.

A couple of poems from Volume 6.

‘One lump or two?’

Life descended into chaos
As feelings for more than one rise to the surface
Looking around wondering what to do
No help for an answer
Even after calling out to you

Despite riding high in life
The world of money ticking along
Praise and glory received from around
The gift of the gab has truly got you far

However deep down
Under that surface of a confident person
The perils of the heart
Hang heavy on the mind that rest upon the shoulders

Knowing that one love is always by your side
And the love you long for is beyond this world

The eyes have strayed
The mind to follow soon after
The attraction can be too much for the soul to contain

Life at any moment could be chaos
From personal thoughts to professionally profound
Riding high yet deep down in turmoil

Hanging from your heart you know what the answer is
Too afraid to take it and make it real
Knowing that others are too afraid to speak
Speak their real mind
And only say what everyone wants to hear

Knowing deep down how you feel for someone
And not being able to share it with them
Hurts the most of all

No matter how far the eyes have strayed
They see the real you and the you they want to see
It is the personality and the beauty combined
That makes me think of you day by day

Life on the floor continues
The world wanting more glitz and glamour
The show must go on as they say
The smiles must continue
The heart remains in the chest
Still with the answer upon it

One day my dear
It will all become clear
As clear as mud I fear.

‘The closet place to heaven I could be’

I was the closet place to heaven I could be
So high I was within the clouds
As white as clean linen
Quieter than ever I have been

As I stand and see the view
I thought of heaven
And being with you

As I took each step
I could hear your voice
Encouraging me on
Visualising your smile
To get me through the pain

If this is what heaven is like
I hope one day I will be here
Here with you to share the views

As the clouds break
It feels like reality is all too close
But I know where I feel so calm

I was the closet place to heaven I could be
With every thought of you
Always one step ahead
To keep me going
To keep me believing.

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