‘With One Eye Open’ & ‘Screaming into the Fire’ from Volume 7

My first few collections of poems are a mixed bag of poetry, mainly a load of rubbish with a couple of good ones here and there. The better poetry should come soon after volume 9….

For now here are a couple from Volume 7.

With One Eye Open

With one eye open
I lie on my back
Upon the green grass
Basking in the spring sunshine
Looking up at the sky
I see the clouds fly by
The breeze as light as the clouds

To why I have just one eye open
I don’t quite know
Perhaps the world looks better
Maybe it’s just a different view

I know when I open my eyes
Stand up from the grass
I Look around
Take a deep breath
Then with a sigh
With one eye open

I lie back down

The world wouldn’t have changed

So I lie down
With both eyes open
I look back at the clouds
And I wish they could take me away
Scoop me up and carry me away
To a place far away.

Screaming into the Fire

Screaming into the fire
We can’t help but get hurt
Heat of the flames getting ever closer
Fear of reaching out
The fear of feeling what’s real
The fear of hearing what’s felt

Screaming into the fire
It’s like no one can hear you
Despite the flames being in your mind
They still hurt as if they were real

Screaming into the fire
I cannot give you any more
I have told you everything
The hurt will always be there
Until you help me extinguish the flames.

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