‘There was an old lady who swallowed a fly’ & ‘Hopping over streams’

Two poems from Volume 8. Read more here: PoetJordan.co.uk/volume-8

‘There was an old lady who swallowed a fly’

Setting the scene: An old lady revisiting (reminiscing) a place she loves as she had her first kiss here, with magnificent views on a warm sunny day, country lanes and on her bike, she just had to get to the place one more time.

There was an old lady who swallowed a fly
As she rode her bike along the country lane
She was undeterred by the fly
Because she knew where she had to be

As the lane ended
Through the green of the countryside
The world opened up
The lane led to the view of all views

Leaving her bike upon the floor
She saw the view
A view she remembered from her youth
One which meant the world to her
And she just had to see one last time

From this view her first kiss was felt
She learnt here what joy meant to the heart
Her memory flashed back to her youth

She remembers the day she was here before
As if it was only yesterday for sure

As a tear falls from her eye
Remembering what this view meant to her
Why she had to come back
And just feel what she did all those years ago
She remembers a simpler time
When this view was all that mattered
And the kiss that was felt here and loved forever more

The last trip along this lane
To this place of beauty to adore
This journey may be her last to see
The place she knew life was good

With a million memories
The place and this view
Will always be first in the memory
And the last to leave

As she looks back for the final time
She sees the kiss and the hands that were held
The sun shining with a light breeze
Just as it was back then
Even the laughter of joy could still be heard

With the wind in her hair as she rode her bike
She may not be as quick now as she was back then
But what she sees in this view from here
Is pure love she had to feel and see again
To see before her journey
Her journey of life comes to an end.

‘Hopping over streams’

Hopping over streams
Making dreams
As the walk ascends into the mountains
We gain trust with each other
Learning more each day

As we hop over streams
The water flows
Steadily and clearly

At times we talk
Without a pause for breath
Never minding the terrain we walk
We breathe easy
We are our own energy

Hopping over streams
Encouraging each other
I know our strength is stronger
We’re making dreams
Become real

You and I
Can get through anything
Be everything that we want to be
Just one more stream to hop over
And a little bit more to climb

Then we’d see
Why every effort is put in
To hop over streams
To talk for hours
To reach the view so high

Some may say it’s love
It may be friendship

No matter what it is
I’ve hopped over streams
Climbed mountains
It was all with you
Making dreams come true
Creating memories with you.

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