Two favourites from Volume 9: ‘About the other day…’ & ‘The Bike She Use To Ride’

Here are two poems I enjoy from Volume 9.


About the other day…

The eyes open at the break of dawn
With a rub of eyes I realise the day is here
I look around and I now know the time is right
Up I get for the day ahead

After starting the day I put on my walking shoes
I pause for thought in what I am to do, to say
My head and my conscience are clear
Just like the plan for the day

For the day ahead I need something to help the mind
The trusty iPod will get me through
With a tune to fit any occasion, feeling or moment

I walk out the door and the day is bright
The walk is on and I see the route in my mind
Across the land I shall walk
Yet the surroundings could be more interesting
Passing through areas of concrete
Before reaching the green pastures of joy

However the aim of this walk is not to see
But to say what I have meant to say for ages

As I walk along the summer sun is in full blaze
The rays give me the energy, if not a little sunburn
The music plays in my ears, encouraging me on
Blocking out the day to day noise of the traffic

I check the time and I make good progress
Here today time means nothing
But I better make sure I leave time for progress

Mid way through the walk I pause for breath
A sip of the drink and the change of a song
A cloud has covered the sun, Only briefly
But a welcomed cloud to rest the sunned skin

I walk on, push on, to get to where I am headed

As I reach the outer city
The world becomes greener, a happier place
From here I leave the roads
Entering onto a rough road and a track or two

Here is when I realise what I am about to do
Why I have come all this way

The sun appears stronger than ever
I walk along the path, I hear a gentle rustle of the trees
With the trees to provide cover from the sun
A cool breeze flows along the country path
Cooling me down after such a mammoth walk

Just another short distance to walk
Past the cottage and through the field
Avoids walking round to the track
Albeit on a wet day the track is preferred

I walk up to the stables from the field
Climbing the gate I see no sign of life
Apart from the animals running around

I catch my breath
Then I hear noise from around the corner
My heart starts to beat faster
No time for a still heart today it would seem
One day I’m sure that will catch up with me

As I appear from the corner
I see who I have travelled all this way for
With her back to me she carries on
I smile and take a deep breath for the final time

I call her name and I startle her a little
Soon she turns and smiles
She seems pleased to see me

I forgot to mention
It’s been a little while since we met up
The other day
From a moment we were friends
It all turned peculiar when we had a moment
A moment I realised I had to do this

“Hi!” I said, “Sorry to make you jump”
“That’s ok, just wasn’t expecting to see you”, said with a broad smile

We caught up a little more
Nattering on about this that and everything
So natural we spoke
So pleasant it is to hear her voice
For hours I could speak to her
And not regret for any moment the time spent listening to her

I was about to take the plunge and speak of what I needed to say
I could see in her eye that she wanted to talk
She knew why I was here, but not what I was about to mention
Now I hoped she would want to hear of what I have to say
But how do you start such an important topic
Well, here goes

“About the other day….” I said

Her eyes lit up before shyly looking at the floor and said, “I thought you might be here about that”

“I’m actually here as I want to see you more than anything, speak to you”, I said nervously

“Sorry if I made you feel awkward, I wasn’t sure what to do”, as she twiddled her thumbs

She refers to the moment we stared and looked at one another the other day,
Our eyes glaring at each other, head and noses touching, one step away from a kiss

“It wasn’t awkward at all, almost perfect! Shame we were interrupted”.
At this moment I was in complete awe of her, her eyes gleamed!

A moments silence followed, but a short moment at that

She said, “I never thought you liked me in that way!?, we’ve known each other for such a long time”.

At this moment I moved closer, smiling and with so much to say I had to calm myself

“I’ve always liked you! From being a friend and as we’ve grown so has the feelings I have for you” – I feel relieved at this point
But I carry on; “I don’t know what you feel but that moment the other day was the best thing to ever happen”.

She smiled and moved closer to me
We held hands standing in front of each other

“I like you too, how could I not!” Standing there with almost a tear in her eye
“I just thought someone like you would never like someone like me”

We embraced in a soft gentle hug
She was warm, just like I had imagined
I felt secure in her arms, this felt so right

I said, “I never thought someone like you could like me, you’re beautiful”

At that moment we our noses were touching again
This time the perfect moment happened
We kissed, we held each other
Soft, beautiful, nothing else mattered

From here we knew what we both felt
My walk was worth every step
Every moment from the waking day
I knew this was meant to be

The walk was worth everything
Even if it wasn’t to have the happy ending
She would have known how I feel

The walk home seemed a bit too much after today
A long beautiful day
Not one more step I could take for now

So I caught the bus instead.

The Bike She Use To Ride

As he stared at the bike she use ride
It stood against the wall
Very still unlike it use to be

It hadn’t been touched for years
Not since the passing of the life that once road it
Along the country lanes she use to ride
I saw her daily as I walked the path
The path to the view
The view with many memories

We use to enjoy that view
Our first kiss was there
After courting for many weeks
I saw something in her
I had never seen before

We cycled in the lanes
Wind in the hair
Without a thought for anyone else

One day I’ll restore that bike
To the beauty once like it’s owner
Yet it would bring back many memories
Of all being good times had

With the bike against the wall
I still imagine her collecting it to ride
Swift like a summer’s breeze
She’d be away and riding

One day it’ll be ridden again
When I have the courage to remember the memories
Why the need for courage you may ask?
If all the memories were good
Then remember now and forever more

The truth is I want to remember the memories
But it just makes me fill with sadness
That I miss her so much each day
No matter how much I remember
She won’t be back to collect her bike

I will restore her bike one day
I’ll ride it to the views
Through the lanes
Like we use to do
Remember her like she was still here

Her bike is resting
Just like she is now
I have no doubt she’s riding in heaven
Willing me on to ride that bike again

To feel the wind in the hair
I will do so one day
And when the time comes
We’ll ride together again
In heaven above.

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