From Volume 10 – ‘The Poets Bench’ a couple of poems called ‘Sessile Shore’ & ‘Swimming in the Lake’

A couple of poems from Volume 10 available to read in full here.

Sessile Shore

The sessile shore
With nothing more
Than some Fucus Vesiculosus
To cover the shore

In our world
We may see the creatures
Living within the seaweed
As extraterrestrial
With their strange looks
And often slimy texture
But that is to us
To the creatures this is the norm

The sessile shore
Forever changing with the ebb of the tide
Forever showing us new creatures,

Open your mind to a whole new world
The sessile shore may not be so
But it is a strange world
We can get lost in
Find new worlds to live in
Imagine we are a part of it

The sessile shore
Not so sessile
With more to explore
Than your mind could ever imagine


Swimming in the Lake

Swimming in the lake
The water clear as the blue sky

Our feet touch
Interlocking toes for balance

The water is cool
But not too cold on a summers day

We find a shallow shelf
Where the current is slow

We wave our hands to steady ourselves
For our feet still touch

This is the moment I have dreamt of
You and I.

Swimming in the lake,
We take a break,

Holding hands,
We laugh that echoes around,

I’m never letting go,
Of this memory,
Or you.

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