‘Lost’, ‘Mr Cooper’ & ‘Heart in a frame’ – 3 poems from volume 11.

A snippet of my poetry from volume 11, available to read in full here: www.poetjordan.co.uk/volume-11 


Once a hope,
Now a lost dream,

Gone is the hope,
And lost is my soul,

The sight ahead,
Blurred and unclear,

I’ve lost the hope,
And gained no dreams.

Mr Cooper

Mr Cooper was an elderly man,
He was tall and had a good view on life,
His eyes were in perfect vision,
But his hair was thin on top,
With a strange straight line of baldness on top,

People went to him to visit him no matter what the weather,
He was peaceful and had many stories to tell,
He often liked a walk to the Black Horse Inn,
But he was better known for looking out at the views,

Mr Cooper is like a guardian to us all,
He stands tall, proud and ever willing to give a helping hand,
Like a branch of a tree, there to support and forever hold on,

As the spring changes into summer, people gathered at his doorstep,
They brought cheese but never any biscuits,
He at times was overwhelmed with many visitors he received,
But as quickly as they arrived they soon departed,
Leaving him to be alone once more,
Yet he never felt any loneliness as he knew they would be back,

If you ever needed to share a pew he always had one,
Often sharing his views on life with you,
However leaving you to make your own mind up,
Letting you be in silence, he would give time to think,

Many people who visited stayed for a while, yet many were just passing by,
Mr Cooper has time for anyone as long as they were polite,
Just remember to say hello when you see Mr Cooper,
Give him a smile, he’ll always wave back and wish you a good day.

Heart in a Frame

Put my heart in a picture frame,

& that will be your present.

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