Two Poems from Volume 12: ‘The Bridge’ & ‘Driving The Open Road’

From Volume 12 here are two poems that I have written.

The Bridge

The bridge
Over still flowing water
The water as unclear
As the memories
That the bridge crosses each day

The bridge
That divides me from you
Like one side of a river
To the other side

The bridge,
That would connect us
Yet it’s never crossed
Never approached

The bridge
Will stand next to us
As we look across the river
Never knowing
Never crossing the bridge.

Driving The Open Road

Driving along the wide open road
Through the countryside
The sun has never been hotter this year
It’s only brief that the journey is
But the life it gives to me
Gives me the energy I need
I put my head near the window
Take in the view
As the wind blows in my face
I’m glad not to be driving
So I can take it every moment
Of the view ahead and around
The open road doesn’t last long
The mind returns to normal ways
With only a brief moment
I had the chance to let go.

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