‘Walking Along The Sandy Shore’, ‘Social Status’, ‘Ebb & Flow’ & ‘I’d Drink to That’ from Volume 13 – Dockside

A collection of poems I found to be good.

Walking Along The Sandy Shore

I can see us walking along the beach,
With each other’s hands guiding our way,
With the sea lapping against the shore,

The sun just sets as we walk further away,
Further from where we started,
Although ever closer we become by waking together,

The beach can never be long enough,
With so much to talk of,
If we could walk on water,
There would only just be enough time to talk,

The water’s edge is our boundary for now,
Until it recedes or we turn back to home,

For every moment I have to walk alone the shore with you,
I will always savour those moments,
And speak of what my heart wants to say.

Social Status

I ‘like’ your status
Just as much as I like you

I ‘favourite’ everything good you say
Just as much as you’re my favourite person

I ‘comment’ with the hope it will make you smile
Just as much as I hope that you reply

I ‘tag’ you in every photo I can
Just because you are beautiful to me.

Ebb & Flow

I flow towards you with the tide
The water cannot bring me fast enough
Or close enough towards you
Each time with new hope
New thoughts and new beliefs

Just as when I think I am close enough
On a point or verge of something positive
The ebb of the water takes me away
There is nothing I can do
The power of nature is far too strong
No matter how hard to fight the ebb
The ebb is too strong for me

I stop and stare as I ebb away
Seeing you become further away
I breathe deeply from all the effort to get to you
For when I flow to you my love grows more
And when I ebb away my love does not change
I just don’t know how long it’ll be until I flow to you again

With each chance to see you I have ride the flow
Make the most of the time I get close to you
And with each ebb I make sure I let you know I care
Even when I am so far away, mentally and physically

Like life, like the ebb and flow
Nothing ever stays still, always moving
Despite this
One thing which will always be level
Is the love that I have for you.

“I’d Drink to That”

“I’d drink to that!” Said the captain,
Any excuse for a beverage by dear friend,

The captain often had a drink or two,
Often leading to three or four,

“What’s the celebration today” Said the captain,
Not that there needed to be a celebration,

The cork popped with a cheer from the crowd,
The captain had a favoured glass,
He lifted it above his head with resounding cheers,

What was poured into it didn’t really matter,
He’d drink to anything, but he had his favourite tipple,

No one ever saw his battle,
Being the captain of the ship,
People often thought he was in control,

“I’d drink to that!” Said the captain,
After a long day battling the world,
But which world was more harmful to him,
His surroundings or the one in his mind?

From past to present some things are never forgotten,
A beverage or two to forget all for now,
Would lead the captain into a stupor,

He’d drink to that, the captain would,
Even behind closed doors,
As he sat in his captains quarters,

The drink was poured,
By himself, for himself,

His quarters were finally quiet,
His thoughts finally forgotten, for now,
A stupor was just around the corner,

Just one more captain,
One more tonight,
It can do no harm, can it?

“I’d drink to that!” Said the captain.

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