‘Whatever Happens’ & ‘Forest’: Volume 16

I look back and read this collection and not sure where this poetry is from so I consider this collection one of the poorer of my collections. However there’s plenty to read and you may find something to relate to. Volume 16 available here.


Whatever Happens

Whatever happens
I will always adore you
But forever regretting
Not to have shown
That you are beautiful to me

Whatever happens
I can look you in the eye
And know I feel I have done
All I can to show my feelings

Whatever happens
The world continues
For you and I
But just maybe
In a parallel line
To each other

Whatever happens
Do not hate me
For showing you my love
For you
And what you mean to me

Whatever happens
Just the feelings
I have for you
Keep going around
And around.


Through the forest
I can see the light
The light that inspired me
To take my love
And place it upon your hand

For you to look back at me
Stare at what I have given you
And never sure
Of what to do with it

The light in the forest
Is all that I need to see
You as the one I love
The one that holds my heart

Yet I find myself
Awaking from a day dream
Sitting in the forest
With the light fading
You are not there
To hold my heart

Through the forest
Of life
I handed you my love
Hoping the light would flourish
But the day dream ended
And the journey continued.

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