‘Plucked From The Hedge’ & ‘Running For Love’ – Volume 17

Slightly better than volume 16, the main poem from this collection is the first one below ‘Pluck from the hedge’

Have a look a the rest of Volume 17 here.

Plucked From The Hedge

Plucked from the hedge,
Liked raspberries off a bush,
We are taken when not expected,
And taken to a different world,

How we grew in one place for so long,
Yet all change ahead,
And even into the unknown we go,

Plucked from the hedge,
And hurt it did somewhat,
Questions unanswered,
And a lot more to ask,

Plucked from the hedge,
Without a care for any pain suffered,
Yet in life we should expect this,
However we do not,
And should not be plucked,
For unnecessary pain and change.

Running For Love

“Run to me and I won’t let go,
Wherever you may be,
I will run to you like there is no tomorrow”

Words I would say to you if I had the chance,

Then SUDDENLY I see you,
You are far in the top hills,
Heading for the summit of the hill,

A burst of adrenaline,
And I am away,
Running for the hills,
I’m not even sure of the way up,

All I can think is I need to see you,
And do I have the energy to make it,
Then I remember one thing I said to you,

“If I ever have the chance,
I’d wait for you at the top,
And if you cared,
I think you’d wait for me”

As I scramble through the bushes,
Jumping over fallen trees,
My heart is racing,
But I just don’t think I am quick enough,

I have to rest,
I have to catch my breath,
I have to make sure I am in the right direction,
I have to carry on,

Onwards I go, up and up,
This is the final push,
To the summit,
And what could break or make me,
As I reach the top,
I am out of breath,
Almost scrambling the final stretch to the summit,
As I look up I see no one,
Hear no one call my name,

I almost collapse on the floor,
Eventually I sit and stare out at the view,
Exhausted I am but breathing forever calming,

What seems like a long wait,
Through the golden coloured grass,
I hear footsteps in the grass behind me,
And eventually the voice I have longed to hear,

“You waited for me,
You remembered what I said!”

Still almost gasping for air,
That is all about I could say,

She said, “Why wouldn’t I wait?
All I have done is wait for this moment”

Something I thought that I would not hear,
But why run so far up a hill,
When you could have just spoken to me below?
Prove the love is worth running for?

For it did not matter,
The proof had been laid,
We had a connection,
There were feelings there,

No one would wait for follow,
If they did not care or love.

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