‘Air’ & ‘Across our land is the beauty we rarely notice’: Volume 18

Another mixed bag of poetry this one is. Full collection available here:


The love of the air
The smell of the air
Replenishes the heart

What love there is
Confronts me by view
With nowhere to look
I can only stare
As the beauty is far too strong

The air in my lungs
Is what keeps me alive
And what keeps me going
To see you and me

Love will never end
As long as there is air to breathe.

Across our land is the beauty we rarely notice

I have walked across many lands
Seeing places I may never return to
Within this lifetime that I have before me

I have seen stunning views
Seen stunning views that would take anyone’s breathe away
From views of land, seas and beaches
To beautiful faces, people and souls
I will go back again one day
See everything I have ever adored

Yet the beauty on our doorstep
Is just as worth the short trip to see
As it is to travel the world around us

We never stop to admire what we actually have
The country in front of us
Like any other
Has beauty within
And we should stay and look a little longer

Across our land is beauty we rarely notice
Take note of what we see
And make sure we know what makes it great
For across the many lands I have walked
One of the greatest, is on our doorstep.

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