‘Countryside Thoughts’ & ‘Remember Me (Please)’ from ‘Sunset View’ (Part 1) – Volume 21

Part 1 of 2 of a big collection of poetry. Here are a couple of poems from Volume 21 (Part 1)

Countryside Thoughts

I prefer the countryside
Where my thoughts fit in

Probably because no one can hear them
Or there is just enough time and space
For my thoughts to spread out and live

Yet they fit in
Every time I have a thought
Because I feel at home with the countryside

The city
Doesn’t allow me to think
Be me

With little space and all the rush
I stand back and find somewhere to hide

With the build up of thoughts
A visit to the countryside
Releases all the pressure
And every thought that has built up

So if I ever seem a little stressed
Or not giving much thought
Just take me to the countryside
And everything will seem a whole lot different.

Remember Me (Please)

I’ll keep coming back
Just to see if you remember me

I’ll look into your eyes
Until the day that I die
So you will remember me
And why I want you to

When the day comes
And you don’t remember me
I will lay down
And die

Because it is you
That made me
Be me
And why I’m here today

I’ll keep coming back
With every ounce of a smile I can give
Just so you know
It is you I want to remember forever

And one day
You’ll remember me
As it is you and I forever

Remember me, please
For I cannot forget you
Live without you.

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