‘Flower’ & ‘The Day of Never’ from ‘Sunset View’ (Part 2) – Volume 21

Part 2 of Volume 21. All poems from this collection cab be read here.


I’d buy you a flower
Each and every single day
Just to let you know
I care a little bit more than most

Each day I will leave it upon your chair
So you notice I’ve been
To make the effort of leaving a flower
For one so unique

I’d buy you a flower
As you are as pretty
As pretty as the flower that be

Each one I would by
Would present the little bit of joy
You bring to me

Each day
Whether it be dark and dull
Would already be a bright day
Made brighter by you

I’d buy you a flower
Just to show I care
A little more than most.

The Day of Never

The day of never
Never occurred
Never in my mind
Would this day arrive

For if it did not arrive
It did not occur
And nothing would have happened
At all

The day of never
Never did I think this would be true

And to this moment
It is the day of never
As it should have never occurred

Yet the day of never
Happened in life
And now learn to live with it
And not to ponder why it occurred.

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