‘Each leaf picked from the floor’, ‘You can’t stay cold forever’ & ‘The book may have closed’ from Volume 22

Exploring various topics in this collection with the added mix of fictional stories for poems. This collection can be read in full here.

Each leaf picked from the floor

If each leaf picked from the floor
We could adore much more
The tiny hands that picked up that leaf
Shows there is something to why it was chosen

From the colour to the shape
Our eyes do not see what it is
That made such tiny hands choose that leaf

Yet the chosen leaf
Is picked from the green grass
And passed to us
With love
As a simple gift

That a young eye can see something
Worthy enough to give to us
Something naturally beautiful
From one so naturally young

Each leaf picked from the floor
The smallest of gifts
With the biggest value of all
From such small hands
Picked with an eye for detail

With a leaf in hand
And with a beautiful face looking up at you
We should treasure every gift passed our way
No matter how small that it may be.

You can’t stay cold forever

Something said in conversation
While we sat on the bench behind a cold stone building
Would make me think for many years to come
How life would be from this moment forwards

After a long warmer summers day
A relief from the hot summer sun that we basked in all day
The evening came in
The cooler breeze became cooler

I knew our time here would be brief together
Although a whirlwind of a time it was
We met, we talked, we kissed under the stars
A greater time has never been had
In such a similar short amount of time

It will be hard to forget you
Because you will be gone soon
Leaving this week behind
Our time together here is short and sweet

You shivered and you shook
I tried to keep you warm
I said to you
You can’t stay cold forever
You’ll warm back up soon enough

Yet something said in conversation
As we sat on that bench
Life you said, may be short for you
Maybe not as fulfilled as a life should be

Prompting me to think
That you can stay cold forever
When people pass by, they go cold
Cold by not in choice
Just what the cycle of life is

In that moment I realised
We are warm, We are living
At this moment and in this time

From the sunlight that gave us warmth
To the cooler evenings
The love we have shared this week
Would last a lifetime beyond any mind
And our loves even warmer
Keeping me warm until this very day

You can’t stay cold forever
But until that day comes
Love is what keeps me warm
Love is what keeps me going

The book may have closed

The book may have closed on what we had
Yet there will always be another chapter
To write, read and act out

The longer time goes on
The larger the chapter would appear to be
The longest and last chapter that there would ever be

For each and every other chapter up to now
Is a long lost story covered in dust
Waiting for the story to be loved again
Waiting for the story to be finished

Pages left blank will never rest
Never will they be finished
Until written and read out

From time to time
The wind may blow the dust off the book
Just to see what was and how it was left

Heavy does the heart become
Even after a few pages have been turned
The wind unsettles the dust that had laid upon the book
Unsettled memories that also lay undisturbed for many a year

If the heart cannot read again
What the chapter that lay ahead
The book is closed and the chapters are left
Left again to capture dust
No thought to capture the heart once more
No way to get lost between love and feelings

The book may have closed
Yet the memories live on in the heart
In the world we live
No matter how busy we are

The book may have closed
Yet that one chapter is still to be completed
Read and loved.

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