‘The view from the hill is forever in the mind to remember you’ & ‘The wind and rain hit me hard but I stayed on my feet to get to you’ from Volume 24

One thing about this collection is the very long titles. A couple of poems inspired by walking in local hills below. The full collection can be read here.

The view from the hill is forever in the mind to remember you

From the hills above
I see the view of the county
I see where I grew up
From a child to man

I have travelled far from here
Yet this place I see in front
Always remains number one in my heart

Seeing the place where I fell in love
Heart stolen as a young soul
I thought the love then would be oh so simple
Love of the earth I see and the love of life I have

I breathe in filling the lungs with the fresh air that surrounds me
I could scream as loud as my lungs would let me
Yet I don’t think anyone would hear me if they would listen
As I would then have to say why I scream so loudly

From up here in the hills
I feel safe from the wider world
With all its pain and glory it has to offer
I see a different world to which I am in love

Every time I step up here
I see you walk across the land
Holding your head higher than I could ever

When I am away from the hills in a distant place
I close my eyes and I see the world from the hills
Where I fell in love and I could see you wherever you were
No place was more magical than here
Yet we never walked here as two people
Never holding hands as we climbed

Wherever you are in relation to wherever I am
I may never know as lives are lead in parallel lines
Yet I know I can see the view and you that I love
If I close my eyes if I cannot walk up to the top of the hill
And I see what I always wish I could see in life that is real

And whenever I am here above the county I live
I breathe the air and remember where I fell in love below
A simple sweet reminder
That life is good looking back as it is forwards.

The wind and rain hit me hard but I stayed on my feet to get to you

The wind blows me sideways
Yet somehow I still know which way to go
The gale that blows is strong
The rain hits my face hard and hurtful

I battle on as I face the wind, the rain, the pain
My quads battle the force
Keeping me on my feet
Wind like this I have never felt
Rain relentless as ever that it is
Yet today it falls like nails hitting the ground

Pushing me sideways was a force known as nature
Nature will always eventually win
No matter how hard we try to fight against it
The rain came and the winter wind blew
But I knew which way I had to go
How I knew this I did not know yet I just knew

I fell to the floor as my legs gave way
The water soaked ground and slippery mud
Tried to take me down as I tried to get to you
But I knew my heart was strong
Strong enough to get back up
To fight the weather nature threw at me

As I clambered through the trees
The sudden silence of the rain
The howling wind
Had once again passed by
The sun shone as the clouds flew past
It was like nothing had ever happened

I stood and stared at the changing view
But not for long as this is the time to make progress
I walked across the sodden land
The wind tried but failed to stop me
The rain slowed my progress
But I knew which way to go to get to you
I know what it means to get to you
Just to be next to you side by side

Through whatever weather may be thrown at me
I will stand and fight to get to you
Each and every time
I will walk a little further to get to you.

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