‘Deconstruct my heart’, ‘From the shore my heart set sail’ & ‘You f**king snob’ from Volume 26.

A lot of emotion in this collection from love to anger and probably back again a few times. Read the full collection of Volume 26 here.

Deconstruct my heart

Deconstruct my heart
One piece at a time
And you will see you are
The main component
To what holds it together

Piece by piece a story is told
Each piece unfolding a view
A world never seen before
Laid bare it shows everything there is

I don’t know how many pieces
My heart will be in
With every love felt

Once deconstructed
It will show everything there is of me
Each piece with a lifetime to show
And you will see
There is one main component
Holding my heart together as one

And that one component
Is you

To put the heart back as it was
Would almost take a lifetime
As I would view each piece
Like a photograph and reminisce
About you
And how you hold together
What is now my deconstructed heart.

From the shore my heart set sail

Take me down to the edge of the shore
Kiss my heart goodbye as it sails away from me

It’s never been the same since I left you
Floating endlessly upon the sea’s surface

Some days I wish the heart would sink
Deep into the oceans depths
Just so I can forget you for once and for all

I still stand by the shore
Watching the horizon for any sign of you
I can only dream that you will bring my heart back to me

Each time I leave the shoreline
When the light is no longer here
I sleep uneasy at night
Hoping the new day brings something new, something good

Through each sunny day I sit and wait by the shore
These days are easy as the shore helps me to sit and wait

When the storms come in and the weather crowds me
These days are harder to fight as the shore is harsh and unforgiving

Take me down to the edge of the shore
And I will look out at where my heart set sail
For it will come sailing back to me
Just when the wind is in the right direction
And when the time is right for my heart to accept what it let go

The oceans are deep way beyond our comprehension
And with that said it is the same for my heart
What it loves and what it feels is something no one will ever understand easily
This is why I wait by the shore to welcome back the heart
My heart that is out there somewhere.

You fucking snob

You fucking snob
You think you know who I am
You think what you know is best

Well Listen to this mate
You don’t know jack shit about me
When was the last time you called me
Ask me what I think or how I am

You fucking snob
You think you drink wine makes you mine
Well listen to this
The world itself is bigger than yours will ever be
Just because I couldn’t be yours
Doesn’t mean you have to be a fucking snob

How could you be you
Someone who is such a snob
When you jump from place to place
Never looking back and asking how one was

You fucking snob
You’re just a knob
Not a knob to a door
As that door is well and truly closed
You are now the knob in question
As I will never turn to you for advice
Never mind turn you to open that door

You fucking snob
What makes you think that you’re world is so right
When you look at what might be if you spoke to me
All it would take is a few words to make everything straight

You fucking snob
Just because your house
Is bigger than where a mouse would live
Doesn’t make it more of a home

You may earn more
In trust, in money or whatever your beliefs are
But what a bore it must be to be you
For I am no snob
You fucking snob.

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