‘The Windmill’ & ‘The love of my life’ – Note Book Poetry (Volume 27)

This for me is where I see a step change in the quality of the poetry (well for a bit at least anyway). If you like these two then check out the other poetry from this collection here.

The Windmill

We walked to the windmill
Young with the world ahead
The wind was light
It refreshed us as we walked
We could have walked anywhere
But we walked here

Never did I think of you and I
Before the view of the windmill came into view
The sun shone the evening was merry
Within a flash you were in my arms
Music played and something felt good inside
The windmill in life had just turned a little bit more

Take me back to the walk to the windmill
Through the fields and never knowing how we got there
We walked to the windmill as you and I
Leaving the windmill we were together

I look back now and see what we had
And that we had what many people would wish for now
But the windmill gave me something
I will live with forever in my heart and mind
A time and place where we started
Started something that was never truly finished

We walked to the windmill in that soft breeze
Where we shared our first kiss between you and I
The windmill that brought us together
A time where the world was young and somewhat unknown

I do believe we could walk there again
To see if the windmill still stands
Feel if the place is the same as it was

And if you would like to walk with me
We’ll find the windmill that for me has memories
To see if we can recreate that time once again
In laughter and reminiscence if nothing else
Just to see how the world differs
From once a young place
It is now older and much wiser

The windmill will forever be turning
Within my heart and soul
Even if there is no breeze to help
It will keep turning forever

The love of my life

I’m scared I will lose the love of my life
To a time that I will never remember
For you are everything I live for
No matter how far you are away from me
You are in every thought of every day

With every memory I have in mind
Comes a feeling from a time in life
The mind wanders from here to there
In a flash I am back in that memory
Enjoying the moment more than ever

I’m scared I will lose those memories
I will lose the love of my life
As life is every memory
I created, I lived
With you in mind at every moment

To lose the thoughts would be the end
As to think of blank empty spaces
Doesn’t fill me with hope or enjoyment

I’m scared of losing the love of my life
And all the memories that have been in life
Because without you
I am nothing
So when I don’t remember
I’ll be scared
So please hold my hand and take care of me.

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