‘Sitting so close’ & ‘Sitting side by side’ – Volume 27: From a perspective

A collection of poetry written from a different perspective – hence the name. Not sure if this collection makes a lot of sense but one I enjoyed writing. Read the full collection here.

Sitting so close

Why does she always sit close to him
What is it that makes these two want to sit closer?
He speaks all but nonsense to me
Yet she laughs out loud
Releasing some sort of beauty

He and she almost fight to sit close
Be within a whisper of each other
Yet what they may whisper
Is unknown to me
But whatever it may be
It makes them both smile
And there is something between them
When there really shouldn’t be

Sitting so close
I wonder if there is more than meets the eye
Maybe a hand upon her knee
Says more than the words I cannot hear

Pushing her hair behind her ear
She appears relaxed and at ease
Sitting so close to him
It’s what makes me think
They should be lost
In their own world for a while

Yet who am I to comment upon what I see
For I wish I could sit close to you
Whisper in your ear
To release that beauty I see
The only beauty I see with my eyes.

Sitting side by side

Sitting side by side
They are closer now
Than they have ever been

I look on thinking that he should be me
As I think that
He pushes her hair behind her ear
Leaning in and kissing her gently upon her lips

Surrounded by people
I cannot shed a tear right now
But my heart sinks deeper
Deeper the more I look on

I break away from where I stare
People surround me
But I do not wait to speak
I place my drink upon the table
Walk away from everything I have seen

Leaving behind the feelings I have
As I know now that it will not be me
Who has the life with you
As that chance has gone
And that I shouldn’t feel this way about you

I will need time away from here
To think straight again
And to try and forget about you

Forget? Impossible
Maybe time to keep walking
As when I see you
Unknown to you
I find my heart in my hands
Ready to give to you.

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