‘I’d meet you at the stables’ & ‘The hills undulated for miles around’ from ‘The Journey’ (Volume 29)

This is one of my favourite collections of poetry as it tells of a journey to find love. With three endings you can choose to see how it ends.  I highly recommend reading this collection all the way through and you can read it in full here.

I’d meet you at the stables

i passed a place with memories
memories gone by
remembering we met at the stables
where we talked for hours
come rain or shine
i’d meet you at the stables
to see your smile
and the words you said
would brighten up my day
and stay with me for the week
to help me get through the days
until we met once again
to talk for hours
laugh for days
and live for now

no two conversations were the same
each and every time we spoke
it was new and something grew
what grew was the understanding
the belief you and i had with each other
never did it feel like it would be outgrown

the sun shone the breeze blew
there was no other time like there was now
at that moment it was perfection
the time and place was a special memory

today at this moment i stand here
reliving the times with you and i
this was just part of my journey

the breeze blew hard
reminding me i had to go forth
as being here would not be the answer
and maybe one day
we’ll meet here again
to talk about the world
and what has changed
or just to talk about days gone by

The hills undulated for miles around

The hills undulated for miles around
I could see in the distance that the hills never stopped
The wind blew and it was like could smell the sea
Brisk was the wind but it felt so good

I was steaming ahead now
The body and mind felt good
I was almost running through the paths
Up the inclines and past the views

The sun shone and it was perfect
I saw where I was
And saw where I am now
The world felt a better place

The ground was soft
But strong enough to hold my quick feet
Every view I saw I captured in my heart
Giving me a little bit more energy
As every ounce I have will be needed

No matter where I have been in the world
As I look out at the undulating hills
This I knew would be with me forever
As this is the place I call home
Knowing there is no other place like here
Anywhere in the world

My route took me to places I hadn’t been for many years
Mentally as well as physically
Some things beginning to make sense
Whereas I needed to travel further
To make sense of other things in life

Soon the hills didn’t feel like my emotions
Undulating from one feeling to the next
I started to feel in control
Ready to face whatever life had to offer

I realised this route across the land
Is what my mind needs to think
And the journey I am on
Is becoming clearer.

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