‘Bramble Scramble’, ‘Coopers Hill’ & ‘Give me a picture’ From Volume 31 ‘Back to the Hills’.

This and the next collection I wrote at the same time with plenty of thoughts.  I decided to split this collection in to poems about local hills and walking. Entitled ‘Back to the Hills’ it contains my favourite poem I have ever written. That poem being ‘Bramble Scramble’. The full poem collection can be found here: poetjordan.co.uk/volume-31.

Bramble Scramble

Jumping over
Kissing gates
Locked gates

Walking through
Getting into
In mind
And in mud

A pause
For thought
For home

Over walls
Farm fields

I ramble
Going over
Unknown land

One more
Through brambles
And I
Am home.

Coopers Hill

Forever a muse,
A place to walk,
In sunshine,
I bask in the views,
As the summer sun shines,
And in snow,
If it shall fall over the winter months,
I write the name of the love I have,
Upon the ground,

When the sun is setting,
A place to be,
To see the light change,
And the colours come alive,

A hill walked many times,
Yet each time,
Is a different experience,
In thoughts and walks,
As the journey of life continues,

Forever a muse,
A place to walk,
To clear the mind,
And set the words free.

Give me a picture

Give me a picture,
And I will find where you are,

Show me the view you see,
And I will walk to find it,

As distinctive as you are,
The land will give me clues,
To where you are,
And where you walk,

Give me a picture,
And I will do all I can,
To walk into that image,
And stand next to you,

The beauty of the land,
Is almost as beautiful as you,
From the picture I will find you,
Wherever you may be across the land,

Give me a picture,
Of where you stand,
With a view like you,
Just beautiful,
I will come and find you,
As I promise I always will,

The view and land I see,
Will guide me through to you,
As the picture you give to me,
Is all but beauty I see.


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