‘The tide came in’, ‘I wish you were my bear’ & ‘As you stare at the camera’ from Volume 32: ‘As the tide came in I wished that you were my bear’

One of my favourite collections of poetry work that I have written. Read the full collection here: poetjordan.co.uk/volume-32


The tide came in
As I stood
Upon the shore
Washing away
Everything negative
Leaving me
As a shell
To fill with life
Leaving all that was sad
To float out to sea.


I wish you were my bear
As I would hold you close
Lay down next to you
When I need you most

My bear with beautiful eyes
I need not look elsewhere
For a blue filled sky
Those eyes are all I need to see

If you were my bear
I wouldn’t care
Even if the world crumbled around me
As I would have you my bear
By my side to help me

I wish you were my bear
Then I wouldn’t be in so much despair
As I see a bear in need of a hug
And I’d hold you close
My little bear
To keep you safe, warm
And to care for you more

My bear with beautiful hair
So soft it is
With a scent to send me to dream
I would hold you close
So that I would keep you safe
My beautiful bear.


You can tell from your eyes
As you stare at the camera
That you hold happiness
Within your soul
And you look like
You’ll never let it go

What I see before me
Are eyes that do not lie
Giving a tentative heart
Signs that you are happy
With no need to worry

You can tell from your eyes
The camera does not lie
Capturing the light
That the eyes give out
Is pure happiness

From the camera
To the picture
Your eyes remain
As seen through the lens
Holding happiness
Never ever planning
To let go of what you have.

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