‘The house on the hill’, ‘She looks across the land’ & ‘The book that leans’ from Volume 33: ‘the bookshelf’

Named ‘the bookshelf’ as a lot of thoughts, memories and many physical things are just placed on a shelf and forgotten about. However they remain on the bookshelf as a reminder or something to rediscover one day. Read the full volume here: poetjordan.co.uk/volume-33


the house on the hill
a small but perfect house
with a little red wooden door
with trees in the background
a location to be loved

through the red door
the wood fire roared
with the smell of baked cakes
hitting you as you walked in

as i walked through the lounge
the kitchen door was ajar
a dark wooden door
with a steel handle to push the door open

i peered around the door
seeing you outside in the garden
the kitchen was warm
a homely kitchen with a character

walking further in
i saw your smile as you spoke on the telephone
putting up my hand to wave
you looked around and you saw me
the telephone conversation ending abruptly
you came through the door to the kitchen

without a word being spoken
you ran over to me
wrapping your arms around me
hugging me so tightly all i could do
wanted to do was reciprocate with equal warmth

it felt like years waiting for this moment
and yet it was years i had waited
but finding the house on the hill
walking through the red door again
i found you and you welcomed me

in the most sensational of settings
it was a place and the right time
to relax, reminisce and recapture
the years that have passed.


Looking across the land
her eyes see what I do

Knowing that her eyes
are deep and beautiful
a view like this
must inspire any mind

As she looks across the land
she reminds me of my duty
to love and care for her
protect her with every heartbeat I have

Across the land
we admire the place we live
walking to be adventurous
and enjoy the time we have

As she looks across the land
I hope she sees the hope that I do
to find the journey of life ahead
beautiful and challenging
as much as it can be.


One book stands
the other leans

Standing strong
or others
will fall

Be the book
that stands up
holding ones close to you
supporting them
as you’d wish
to be supported

The book that leans
is forever close to you
needing you by their side
otherwise they will fall

To stand strong
is to help others

Lean as they may
but you cannot fall.

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