‘Revision session’, ‘Keep going forward’ & ‘F**k revision’ from Volume 34: ‘No poet stands alone’

For me there’s a lot to like about this collection, including these three poems from Volume 34 which can be read in full at poetjordan.co.uk/volume-34


you were the best revision session i ever had
i studied you more than any book i ever read
the chemistry between us was powerful
yet physically it was the softest feeling it could be

our hearts beat the same rhythm
better than any biology lesson could teach you

mathematically i thought you and i would never be here
the odds were against us but here we were

in this way with each other with my hand upon your chest
you were everything i had ever worked my life for

you were the best revision session i ever had
leading to the best results of my life


i was

fell in love
then torn

now living
by walking

living parallel
in the same universe
as some

however forwards
i still go
i will always go

without you

for knowing you

walk on
live on
in hope

go forwards
still always go
as time
cannot go


fuck revision
i was on a mission
quick decision
never forgiven

my ambition
driven by you
you became
my religion

to kiss you
never given
once my position
was in diminution

my decision
to fuck revision
never hampered
my ambition

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