‘Looking fine let’s dine’, ‘The poison seeped further’ & ‘Tie me down to the shore’ from Volume 35: ‘The Dark Side of Light’

A different style and mix of poetry in this collection. Read it in full here: poetjordan.co.uk/volume-35


looking fine
let’s dine
to see if we bind
give some time
to find
if we could combine

i think we could be sublime
never mind
if anyone else thinks you’re devine
i’d like you to be mine

you play on my mind
and in time
even at 3 after midnight
i tell you what’s behind
my lost blue eyes

(and it is for your mind
to decide if we should delve
into each others lives
as my mind is made up
and i wait for you)


you saw more
than ever before
as the poison
seeped further
into the heart and the mind
as I lost consciousness
of the real world
my world became real
very real to me

i felt alive
like i’ve never been brain dead
gaining more in confidence
than losing my mind
once again

you saw more
i felt more
but the poison
stopped me
from being me
the real me
as you
know me
far too well

you saw more
than you never should
as what i am inside
should stay just there
and i am alive
even if the poison tells me otherwise


Tie me down to the shore
So I don’t float away
When the tide is high

let the water rise high
letting my body
feel the cold flow of water

as I gasp for air
the tide recedes
my feet touch the shore once more

still tethered
I know I cannot float away
when the tide is high

remaining strong from now on
and I will be wiser
when the tide comes in again

I will not float away
when the tide gets to me
as I need to be next to you
forever with you

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