‘Colour between seasons’ & ‘By the sea’ taken from Volume 37: ‘i wanna get lost with you’.

Two poems from ‘i wanna get lost with you’ which can be read in full here: poetjordan.co.uk/volume-37

A seasonal poem first them a poem about refugees.


The green grew all summer long
from the rain and the sunshine
became a view of lush green trees

As the season starts to change
the trees leaves start to regress
from green they fade into yellow

It’s that time of year again
when trees and views
change colour and depth

We see another summer go by
and winter will arrive in any given day
however the colour between seasons
gives us a little more time
for us to see what the summer grew
albeit in a different colour, light and view

As I watch the change in view
day by day and week by week
between seasons of summer and winter
the summer grew the beauty we see now
the winter will hide what we have seen
providing a different scene of the trees

Until the sunlight provides warmth again
and green returns to the trees bare arms
from buds yet to grow through winter they will
the colour between seasons
is something to watch and admire.


By the sea
A refugee
Lay bare

A life
Needlessly taken

By the sea
A life ended
And a body picked up
With a heavy heart

By the sea
We see the cost
Of what people do
To flee what was
Once their home

As we look
At our posh tv screens
In our warmth filled homes
We stop to think
About the human misery
Yet we never think
That this would happen to us
So how do we let this
Happen to them.


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