‘A moment from a laugh’, ‘From wherever I stand, I stand to protect you’ & ‘Never Sorry’ from volume 43: ‘From wherever I stand, I stand to protect you’

Probably my favourite front cover from my poetry collections and a mixed collection of poetry.

Read the full collection here: poetjordan.co.uk/volume-43


When a laugh
becomes a moment

a moment becomes a feeling

the feeling
you want to feel again and again

so you laugh some more
as your heart never tires
of living that moment time and time again

from the laugh
you start to like more than ever before

over time
the feeling you have
turns to love

& the love felt
is undoubtedly
something to hold on to



From wherever I stand
I stand to protect you

From sea shore to cliffs edge
I will be there
with the steady strong hand
for her and her future

From wherever I stand
I stand beside everything that matters
from a small to grown hearts
I stand to protect

When fallen a hand will be there
to comfort and to care
be fare when the world is not

From where I stand
I stand surrounded in love
love I need to adore and protect.


Never be sorry
for liking someone who makes you tick
never sick of the sight of someone
who makes the heart erratic and manic
no need to panic when [that] someone is near
as the fear will set in and something silly will be said

Sorry for liking you
however one doesn’t give much of a fuck
as I never will apologies for liking your face
it must show that I have some sort of good taste
if I like what my heart desires is all about you
creating a fire within me wanting you to put it out
so new life can grow from the embers left behind

Sorry it’s not you it’s me
that feels the way that I do but I don’t know what to do
a couple of sherberts and the heart is thrown to you
but you can’t catch for shit so you let it drop to the floor
feeling all sore in the morning I shriek to think
what the sherbert made it me say (via the heart of one’s belief of course)

If I ever say I am sorry for liking you
I’m afraid to say it one big fucking lie
as you fly away in life and in love
I just hope you learn to catch
as my poor battered heart
still is tender and aches
as it beats every day
knowing the clock ticks
& you make me tick
never sick of the sight of you
I will always fight for you.

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